Teaching Tenacity, Resilience, and a Drive for Excellence

Emily Mofield, Ed.D., and Megan Parker Peters, Ph.D., Authors

How can we help students develop resilience to persevere in the face of setbacks? How can we ignite a drive that will inspire them to sustain effort even through difficulty? Teaching Tenacity, Resilience, and a Drive for Excellence equips teachers to deliberately cultivate psychosocial skills, including self-awareness, problem solving to deal with setbacks, assertive interpersonal skills, and intellectual risk-taking. By teaching students to be aware of how their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors affect their pursuit of excellence, students can learn to tackle challenges and setbacks that they might experience as they reach to achieve. Lessons include engaging activities and curriculum connections, covering topics related to perfectionism, mindset, grit, stress, procrastination, social-emotional intelligence, and more.

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Extended Reflections for Gifted Students

These reflections provide questions, activities, and additional ideas for relating giftedness to many of
the lessons in the book.

Underachievement Connections

Many ideas and lessons in this curriculum can be used to address motivational issues with underachievers. This list details lesson connections related to underachievement.

Supplemental Lesson: Lesson 25: Understanding Giftedness

This supplemental lesson can be used to help gifted students become aware of how their exceptional abilities affect their thoughts, emotions, and beliefs about their abilities. Download the handouts here.