Congratulations on publishing your book with Prufrock Press! We’ve developed this page of our website to house the many helpful items we’ve created for promoting your new book and questions we’re frequently asked about promotions. Any questions or news about your book can be directed to Stephanie McCauley at

If you’ve been contacted by the media, please have them contact Stephanie for review copies, images, and other media requests.

I’m busy and I don’t have a lot of time. What’s the most important thing I should do to promote my book?
Here are the top five things we encourage all of our authors to do:
  1. Find five friends or colleagues who have agreed to review your book positively on Fill out the Reviewers spreadsheet, and return it to us and we’ll send your reviewers a free copy of your book.
  2. Add a tagline and link to your book to your e-mail signature. This could be as simple as “Check out my new book at!”
  3. Tell everyone you know that you’ve written a book. Word of mouth pays off more than you might think—a friend of a friend could manage a bookstore or write for a local newspaper. This includes tweeting about your new release, posting the news on Facebook, or just plain talking it up!
  4. Fill out the Author Information Questionnaire and return it to us to help us pinpoint unique ways we can market your book.
  5. Find an online space for yourself as an author. This can be through creating your own website or blog, creating a Goodreads profile, creating an Amazon Author Central page, or creating a Facebook Fan Page for your book. Information on doing all of these can be found in the questions that follow. Be sure to link to your book on your website!
I want to do more! What should I do next?
Read the 30 Things You Can Do to Help Us Promote Your Book packet for more tips! Then, use the questions below to help you accomplish the suggestions in the packet.
I'd like to contribute to the Prufrock Press blog. What do I need to do?
The editorial staff reviews blog post ideas submitted by interested authors who have been published by Prufrock Press. Review the Guest Blog Guidelines.
I'd like to be interviewed for the Prufrock Press blog. What do I need to do?
Contact your editor. We'd love to feature you.
How do I promote my book on
One of the most valuable sources for promoting your book is The Amazon Publicity Packet has tips and steps for utilizing the Author Central pages to help promote your book.
How do I create a Goodreads profile?
The Goodreads Packet provides you with steps for setting up a Goodreads author profile.
How do I create my own website or blog?
There are multiple options for doing so, although we suggest that authors take advantage of one of the many free blogging sites such as Blogger or Wordpress. Make sure that you send us the link to your site and include a link to your book on your author page.
How do I create a Facebook fan page?
The Facebook Fan Page Packet provides you with steps for doing so. Make sure to include the Prufrock Facebook page on your fan page as a favorite.
I want to do a book signing! How do I do that?
The Steps for Conducting Book Signings page explains how you can set up a signing at your local bookstore.
I’d like to present about my book at a conference. How do I do that?
The Tips for Conference Presentations page provides suggestions to presenting your book's information at various types of conferences and workshops.
I received a call from a media outlet to do an interview. Do you have any tips?
Yes, please see our Interview Tips Packet for suggestions on preparing for your interview. The most important thing to keep in mind is to ask the reporter to reference your book's title. We also suggest directing media inquiries for cover images and other materials to us first.

Best of luck promoting your new book!