SAT Sample Test

(Total time = 80 minutes)

Perfect 800: SAT Math

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Heart of Algebra Objective/Goal

Problem Solving and Data Analysis Objective/Goal

Passport to Advanced Math Objective/Goal

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Helpful tips for using this online test:

  • If you are working on problems in a particular section and you are not out of time, you may scroll back and forth to answer problems you initially skipped. After you have clicked on “Next” or after your time is up, you may not go back to another section.
  • Some problems have open-ended answers. On problems requiring fractional answers you may convert your fractions into decimals or use the back slash to create fractions (e.g., 1/2).
  • After you have finished the test, you will receive a copy of an analysis report. If you would like to keep this copy, you should print it or select to have a copy sent to your e-mail address (your e-mail address will not be used for any other means than to send a copy of your report). If you close the test window without printing or e-mailing your report, you will not be able to access it again.