Editorial FAQ

Prospective Authors
What kind of books is Prufrock looking for right now?
Hightly sought-after topic areas include: teaching resources or curriculum that support higher order critical thinking and questioning skills, differentiation strategies and resources, resources that support the facilitation of project-based learning and other authentic learning experiences, social-emotional learning tools and curriculum, advanced reading strategies, resources for teaching growth mindset and resilience, and advanced STEM activities or lessons. Please see our Book Prospectus Guidelines page for more information. We also advise looking through our catalog to see which types of books we have published in the past.
Does Prufrock ever publish fiction, short stories, memoirs, picture books, or poetry?
No, we do not publish any of those items.
How do I submit a book prospectus?
Please see our Book Prospectus Guidelines for more information. We will not accept phone calls or e-mails regarding book ideas.
How long will you take in responding to my prospectus?
You can expect a response in 10–12 weeks.
When would my book be published?
We are currently acquiring materials several years in advance of publication.
Does Prufrock publish peer-reviewed academic texts?
Yes! We also have a line of peer-reviewed books through our imprint Prufrock Academic Press. You can learn more about the imprint and how to submit here.
Does Prufrock hire freelance writers, editors, or artists?
Freelance illustrators can submit their resume and a sample of their work to Allegra Denbo at The majority of our editorial work is done in house, but we occasionally hire freelance writers and editors for one-time projects. If you would like for us to keep your resume on file, you may send it to

Current Authors
Do you have a document describing manuscript guidelines?
Yes, the manuscript guidelines are contained within the Author Information Packet.
I lost my contract. How do I receive another copy?
E-mail your editor personally or the editorial staff at and we'll resend a digital copy.
How can I promote my book?
Before your book is published, you can expect to receive an e-mail with promotion guidelines. However, the Author Promotions page provides a variety of packets and tips for promoting your book. Any questions can be sent directly to Stephanie McCauley at
I know people who want to review my book. What materials should I send them?
You are welcome to send them a link to your book's page on our website. However, we prefer that you get their name and mailing address and forward the information to the Prufrock staff. We'll take care of getting your reviewers copies of your book and other marketing materials we've prepared. You can send your list of reviewers and their addresses to Stephanie McCauley at We generally advise that authors locate no more than 10–15 reviewers for their books.
I want to submit my book for a prize or enter it in a contest. Can Prufrock offer me assistance in doing this?
Please forward information about the contest to your editor. We can arrange to provide you with the needed copies of the books and other marketing materials. We are unable to pay for entry fees for every contest.
I want to use/reproduce material from my book in another book I am working on for Prufrock Press or another publisher, a presentation I am giving, or other venue. Do I need copyright permission?
You likely need copyright permission from Prufrock Press. Contact Katy McDowall at for more information.

Are your books research-based or supported by evidence?
Prufrock Press offers research-based teaching resources, professional development books, and textbooks in gifted education, all of which are written by respected educational experts. We provide a comprehensive selection of norm-referenced, standardized gifted and talented identification instruments. In addition, through partnership with William & Mary's Center for Gifted Education, Vanderbilt University's Programs for Talented Youth, and the University of Virginia, we have a variety of advanced learner curricula that has been field-tested and supported by studies that show gains in student achievement.
How can I request copyright permissions for Prufrock products?
Please refer to the Copyrights/Permissions page for more information and instructions.
How can I receive updates about Prufrock products and sales?
Signing up to receive our newsletters is your best option. We often send sample downloads from new products, discount codes, and other great deals to our customers. You can join at the E-Newsletter Sign Up page.
Prufrock used to publish a book I liked, but it's no longer in the catalog. Does this mean I cannot order it?
Not necessarily. Often, we carry books on our website that are not included in the catalog. Try searching for the book's title in the catalog section (to the left) to see if any results come up. Many of our older or out-of-print books are still available in eBook format. If you still cannot find a book you were looking for, contact us at and we'll see what we can do to help.
I received a book I thought I needed, but now I realized I can't use it. Can I return it?
Yes, Prufrock has a 100% guarantee on all of our products. Call our customer service department at 1-800-998-2208 to discuss returns or exchanges.
Can I buy your books in bookstores?
Yes, Prufrock is distributed to the trade by Sourcebooks Inc., allowing many of our titles to be available in bookstores nationwide for purchase or order.
Does Prufrock offer review copies of books?
Yes, we provide review copies of books to writers, bloggers, journalists, and others who review books regularly. See the Review/Desk Copies page for more information.
Does Prufrock offer desk copies of books?
Yes, we offer desk copies to professors, lecturers, and administrators considering books for adoption in their universities or school districts. See the Review/Desk Copies page for more information.
I love one of your books. How do I give feedback to the author?
The best way to share your satisfaction with a Prufrock title is by reviewing it on either a retail site like Amazon or Barnes & Noble or a reviewing site like Goodreads. In addition, you can share your comments with us by reviewing the book on our website. Type in the product name in the catalog list on the left, navigate to the book's product page, and click on "Reviews." We'd love to hear from you!
I found an error in your book. How can I tell you about it?
Please e-mail the book's title and the page number where you found the error to and we'll make sure it's corrected in the next printing.
Where does the name Prufrock Press come from?
The name Prufrock Press holds special meaning: Based on the T. S. Eliot poem, "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," Prufrock Press's publisher, Joel McIntosh, sees the poem as addressing the isolation many children who are gifted or have learning exceptionalities face in schools.
How do I know I can trust your products to provide high-quality learning tools for my students?

Just ask our customers! We've included testimonials from several of our customers below.

I love the insight and information your books have given me on gifted children. After utilizing your resources, I feel I am a better teacher to my gifted students by better servicing their needs.—Jessica, Texas, Teacher

I love the inspiration the Prufrock products provide. Prufrock is my go-to resource for all of my gifted education needs!—Emily, Missouri

We love Prufrock because their products make learning fun and challenging! My kids actually can't wait to dive into the new materials we get every few months from Prufrock!—Katie, Florida, Parent

I love your products as they expose me to so many terrific ideas. As a parent of gifted children, it is not easy to find such quality products on my own.—Tali, Washington, DC