Welcome to Ecopolis

Welcome to Ecopolis
By Richard G. Cote and Darcy O. Blauvelt

Welcome to Ecopolis is a presentation developed to be used with Ecopolis: An Interactive Discovery-Based Unit for High-Ability Learners. Feel free to download the presentation as either a PowerPoint presentation (requires Microsoft Office) or a PDF file (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

About Ecopolis

Ecopolis is one in Interactive Discovery-Based Units for High-Ability Learners series, for grades 6–8, which provide teachers with opportunities to use exciting and challenging units in their classrooms. These engaging curriculum units culminate in authentic performance platforms that provide students with open-ended opportunities to demonstrate academic understanding. Each book in the series contains tiered lessons that teachers can easily modify to meet individual students’ needs.

Ecopolis has students run their own government to learn about issues including scarcity, resource allocation, needs vs. wants, opportunity costs, entrepreneurship, and global interdependence.