eBooks From Prufrock Press

Using the free Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) reader software, you can ...

  • read your favorite Prufrock titles on your Mac, Windows computer, Chromebook, eReader, and other mobile devices; and
  • print pages from our titles from your Mac or Windows computer. Printing is not supported on Chromebooks, eReaders, and other mobile devices.

eBooks available from Prufrock Press require the free Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) reader software. The free reader software offers an engaging way to view and manage eBooks and other digital publications. ADE acts as a digital library for all of your eBooks from Prufrock Press as well as many other publishers.

Video Tutorial

To assist our eBook customers, we’ve prepared this 5-minute video that introduces the newest version of ADE and shows how to download and install eBooks purchased on the Prufrock Press website.

Prufrock Press eBooks and Adobe Digital Editions 2.0 from Prufrock Press on Vimeo.

More About Adobe Digital Editions

eBooks purchased with ADE protection may be used on up to six devices that support the ADE reader software. ADE supports industry-standard eBook formats, including PDF and ePub files:

  • PDF file: PDF files retain a book’s original formatting and style. This format is ideal for classroom materials you wish to print out for student use. Choosing this option will allow you to download a protected PDF file onto your computer. You can read this file with Adobe Digital Editions software.
  • ePub file: ePub files are compatible with many eReaders and mobile devices, including Apple’s iPad and Barnes & Noble’ Nook. See the Adobe Digital Editions information page for more information on using and reading ePub files sold by Prufrock Press. Choosing this option will allow you to download an ePub file that can be read on Adobe Digital Editions software.
Frequently Asked Questions
I bought the eBook. Now what do I do?
Please watch the video tutorial posted above. Also, you may find our Adobe Digital Editions information page helpful.
Can I print pages from my eBook?
Many of our books include permission to reproduce pages for classroom use. These pages may be printed and copied from any ADE protected book (PDF or ePub) purchased on the Prufrock Press website. Printing is not supported on mobile devices or Chromebooks.
Can I read eBooks from Prufrock Press on more than one device?
Yes. The protected files can be read on up to six devices that support the ADE software. You must sign in with your ADE login information to authorize each device to read the eBook you've purchased.
I want to read your books on my eReader—how do I do that?
Many eReaders are compatible with the ADE software. A list of supported devices and applications is available through Adobe’s website. In addition, our Adobe Digital Editions Information page includes links with instructions on using ADE with your eReader device.
I have a Kindle. Can I purchase Prufrock Press books from Amazon’s Kindle Store?
eBooks sold on the Prufrock Press website are not compatible with the Kindle. However, many of Prufrock Press’ eBooks can be purchased from Amazon’s Kindle Store. The best way to access these is to search for Prufrock Press within the Kindle Store on Amazon.com.