Ready-to-Use Differentiation Strategies, Grades 6–8

Laurie E. Westphal, Author

Ready-to-Use Differentiation Strategies CoverReady-to-Use Differentiation Strategies introduces various low-preparation, low-stress differentiation activities and strategies that can be implemented immediately in any content area in grades 6–8. Each differentiation strategy encourages higher level thinking and intellectual risk taking while accommodating different learning styles.

This book features a description of each strategy, how to use it in the classroom, how it serves students, and tips and techniques for making it your own, as well as how to use each strategy in the classroom with students. Following each explanation, specific examples are included, as well as templates to make each technique ready to use. This book also provides templates that can be used to develop new lessons using each strategy. Ready-to-Use Differentiation Strategies provides an easy-to-use way to begin differentiating for all students in the classroom!

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