Designing Gifted Education Programs and Services

Scott J. Peters, Ph.D., and Dina Brulles, Ph.D., Authors

Designing Programs

This book is intended to support educators in the design and implementation of comprehensive gifted education plans. From planning to actual implementation, this book takes the reader from goals and purpose to assessing student needs and program design.

The book is organized into two parts. Part I provides a structure with which schools or districts can develop their own plans. Part II includes links to real gifted education plans from districts around the country, coupled with written commentaries from district personnel who were either involved in their development or had to live with their implementation. Rather than reprint all of the district materials in the book, the materials have been compiled here on this webpage. As you read the commentary chapters in Part II, you can follow along with the district materials to see what they actually said about what they put into practice.

Chapter 6: Large District in Arizona

Chapter 7: Mega Countywide District in Central Florida

Chapter 8: Small Rural District in Montana

Chapter 9: Medium-Sized Suburban District in Montana