Michelle Trotman Scott, Ph.D.

Michelle Trotman Scott, Ph.D., is an assistant professor at the University of West Georgia. She teaches in the Department of Collaborative Support and Intervention. Michelle has been an adjunct professor at The Ohio State University, a superintendent of a charter middle school in Dayton, OH, and a director of a charter elementary school in Columbus, OH. She also taught and coached in the Columbus Public School System. Dr. Trotman Scott earned her doctor of philosophy degree in applied behavior analysis with an emphasis on special, gifted, and urban education; her master of arts degree in technology education; and her bachelor of science degree in education from The Ohio State University.

Dr. Trotman Scott's research interests include the achievement gap, special education overrepresentation, gifted education underrepresentation, creating culturally responsive classrooms, and increasing family involvement. She has conducted professional development workshops for urban school districts and has been invited to community dialogues with regard to educational practices and reform. She has written and coauthored several articles and has made numerous presentations at professional conferences.

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