Deborah A. Harmon, Ph.D.

Deborah A. Harmon, Ph.D., is a professor of curriculum and instruction in the Department of Teacher Education at Eastern Michigan University. She is also the director of the Office of Urban Education and Educational Equity in the College of Education at Eastern Michigan University. Dr. Harmon earned her doctor of philosophy degree in educational leadership and human resource development (1999) with a specialization in multicultural education, urban education, and gifted education and a bachelor of science degree in psychology and child development (1975) from Colorado. She is creator of the Minority Achievement, Retention and Success (MARS) program model and the Developing Resiliency and Education Achievement in Minority Students program. Dr. Harmon conducts research primarily in multicultural/urban education and gifted education. Specifically, her work focuses on: (a) recruiting and retaining culturally diverse students in gifted education and teacher education; (b) multicultural and urban education; (c) reducing the achievement gap; and (d) teacher preparation for urban education. She consults with school districts and educational and legal organizations in the areas of multicultural/urban education, reducing the achievement gap, and gifted education.

Dr. Harmon has authored and coauthored chapters and books including Elementary Education: A Reference Book (2005), "The Underachievement of African American Males in K–12 Education" in The State of African American Males in Michigan: A Courageous Conversation Monograph (2010), and "The Underachievement of African American Females in K–12 Education" in Nurturing Our Future as African American Females: A Courageous Conversation (in press).

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