Mary Borg

Mary Borg teaches American history and Colorado history classes at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, where she also supervises student teachers in social studies and history.

Borg became interested in helping senior adults write their life stories in 1982, when she created a "Writing Your Life" class at the local community college. Since then she has taught thousands of older adults to write their life stories. In 1990, she was named Colorado Outstanding Education Leader by the Colorado Language Arts Society.

Borg is a popular speaker, enthusiastically encouraging ordinary men and women to record their lives. She also leads workshops, showing people how rewarding and enjoyable the process can be.

Borg grew up in Wilmette, Illinois, and has lived in Greeley, Colorado, for the past 40 years. Her favorite pastimes are reading, hiking, gardening, watching sports and singing with the Greeley Chorale. With five sons who have all played soccer, she estimates that she has easily attended over 3000 soccer games in the past 30 years. She is now watching her grandchildren play soccer.

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