Wellesley H. Purcell

Wellesley H. Purcell completed his B.A. in English at Eastern Connecticut State University and his M.A. in education at Sacred Heart University. During the summer months, he completed Advanced Placement seminars conducted jointly by the College Board and Eastern Connecticut State University. Welles began teaching in the Hartford, CT, elementary schools as a literacy interventionist and as a kindergarten teacher. He has also taught English and language arts classes at the middle school and high school levels in both Maine and Connecticut. His first recollection of interest-based learning occurred in eighth grade when his social studies teacher offered his class the opportunity to put together a World War II museum with artifacts and oral histories from students’ family members. The entire community was invited to attend the museum. The project was a touchstone moment for Welles, and it has influenced the way he teaches his students. He recognizes the power of interest-based learning because of its unique motivational power, and he regularly uses the instructional strategy in his own classrooms.

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