Marya Washington Tyler

Marya Washington Tyler

Marya Washington Tyler has led the movement to enliven the study of mathematics with the odd, the incredible, the wild, the outlandish, and the real. Her book, Real Life Math Mysteries, has sold thousands of copies around the world from New York to New Delhi. She and husband Kip's latest book, On-the-Job Math Mysteries, provides an up-close-and-personal opportunity for students to join with fishermen, elephant trainers, kayak guides, beekeepers, bush pilots, farmers, and others as they tackle daily math problems together. Marya has taught gifted and talented elementary students for 15 years, and she has four gifted children of her own. To Marya, math is a deeper way of looking at the natural world: "Mathematics can draw you in, and if you listen closely, will reveal its secrets."

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