Terri L. Crowder

Terri L. Crowder

Terri Crowder has been a homeschool educator for 13 years with her son graduating from high school in 2016. When her son was younger, she became convinced that more resources were needed for very young talented/advanced learners, and she was encouraged to begin to develop materials and share them withother teachers and parents. 

She is married with a blended family which includes a daughter, 39; two sons, 35 and 18; and four grandchildren, 21, 17, 16, and 9 years old. She spent over 17 years in corporate America before becoming a full-time wife and mother for 10+ years. She now works part time in a preschool as an assistant teacher. In her free time she teaches a children's Bible study class, enjoys reading, and singing with a live band or karaoke at every opportunity.

Crowder resides in Tennessee.

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