Susan Matloff-Nieves

Susan Matloff-Nieves

For over 30 years, Susan Matloff-Nieves has been a leader in community-based work with parents and youth. She is currently executive director of the Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center in New York City. As associate executive director at Queens Community House, she developed cutting-edge programs for youth, including a girls' leadership program funded as a reserach project by the U.S. Department of Education, which tested best practices for involving girls in analysis and action on gender inequity and engagement and proficiency in math and science. Through this program, girls applied science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to the analysis of social issues and proposals for solutions.

She has created a number of innovative community-based educational programs, including a personalized high school for students who lag in credit accumulations, a college retention program for those who dropped out in high school, and comprehensive afterschool programs. She has contributed to books and publications, including Global Perspectives on Youth and Inequality in Education, Heathfield and Fusco, ed (Routledge, 2016), the Journal for Youth Development, and After School Matters (NIOST).

Matloff-Nieves holds a master's degree in Social Work from the Silberman School of Social Work (CUNY) and a BA from Brown University.

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