Chuck Nusinov

Charles Nusinov has been a school administrator for more than five years working with students and teachers in grades K–8. He has worked at integrating math curriculum across the other core areas and focused on the success of high-achieving students. Currently, he is on a pilot committee of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District in Charlotte, NC, to bring inquiry-based standard math curriculum into the school’s elementary classrooms. Nusinov was a math teacher for grades 3–12. He has taught basic math skills through AP Geometry in both public and charter schools. He assisted in bringing math into the community with Saturday events in the Mecklenburg Math Club, and assisted in the University of North Carolina Middle Grades Math research and development opportunities with the North Carolina Department of Instruction. He is the recipient of the North Carolina Presidential Award for Mathematics Teaching, NCTM Teacher of the Year, and the NCPTA Educator of the Year. During his time teaching, an opportunity arose to edit and write math curriculum for gifted learners. Nusinov has edited and published more than a dozen pieces of work to inspire teachers to make students reach further.