Michael Cain

A veteran teacher with more than 19 years teaching experience, Michael Cain currently teaches middle school mathematics. Having initially received a degree in art, Cain worked full-time as a maintenance and construction foreman to put himself through the University of Pittsburgh where he received his second degree. He continually utilizes his work, art, and life experience in the classroom and in his written work.

In 1996, with some of his computer students, Cain created the award-winning mathematics game, “Absurd Math.” In addition, he has created more than 500 Internet learning applications. Cain also has appeared as the on-camera instructor for a video math series on basic mathematics. He has worked as an online facilitator for PBS Teacherline and Mathline. The father of four children, Cain has devoted his life to education and parenting.

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Michael Cain's Books

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