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Business Office Staff

Customer Service, Order Processing, and General Business

Ginny Bates, Customer Service and Office Manager
Contact me for accounts payable questions, royalties, website questions, and conference information.
Ext. 1102

Elizabeth Trout, Customer Service
Ext. 1101

Shannon Gross, Customer Service
Contact me for invoice questions, account questions, payments, quotes, and order status.
Ext. 1100

Publishing Office Staff

Editorial, Permissions, Marketing, and Advertising

Important: If you wish to submit a prospectus to our editors, please visit our Book Prospectus Guidelines page. Please note that emailed product submissions are not accepted. Specific submission instructions are provided on the page referenced above. No phone calls regarding prospectuses or book ideas, please!

Shelby Charette, Junior Graphic Designer
Contact me for cover image requests of our titles.
Ext. 1204

Allegra Denbo, Senior Graphic Designer and Production Coordinator
Contact me for print production and freelance design/illustration opportunities.
Ext. 1203

Stephanie McCauley, Assistant Editor
Contact me for trade books, promotions/media requests, and review copies.
Ext. 1202

Katy McDowall, Editor and Permissions Coordinator
Contact me via email about permissions requests and classroom materials questions.
Ext. 1201

Joel McIntosh, Publisher and Marketing Director
Contact me via email. Let me know what is on your mind.
Ext. 1200