Publishing With Prufrock Press

Please read and review carefully all the material below before submitting anything to Prufrock Press.

Thank you for your interest in writing for Prufrock Press. Prufrock is actively seeking quality materials written by professionals and educators that support the education of gifted, advanced, and special needs learners. We prepared this area of our website for authors seeking to publish with us.

Mindsets in the Classroom Genis Hour Emotional Intensity What to Expect Inspiring Innovation

Topics and Areas of Acquisition

Begin by downloading and reading Topics and Areas for Acquisition.

This document gives a general overview of the types of products Prufrock is interested in acquiring and developing. You will find this document helpful if you are formulating an idea for a new product or if you have developed a product and want to determine if it is appropriate for submission to Prufrock. Currently, Prufrock is interested in publishing several types of materials: supplementary classroom materials (e.g., advanced curriculum), professional development books, resources for serving children with special needs, primary and supplementary college textbooks, and nonfiction trade books for parents, teachers, and children.

You can also learn more about Prufrock Academic Press, our line of peer-reviewed academic texts, and how to submit here.

Please note that Prufrock Press does not publish fiction, picture books, biographies/memoirs, or poetry.

Preparing Your Prospectus

Download and read the Book Prospectus Guidelines.

Past experience has shown that a book prospectus is the best way for Prufrock’s staff to review an author’s idea for a new publication. For this reason, Prufrock Press does not consider unsolicited manuscripts. The Book Prospectus Guidelines offer clear instructions for developing a prospectus for Prufrock. Please follow these guidelines carefully before submitting your prospectus to Prufrock.

Submitting Your Prospectus

We accept book prospectuses via email. Please click here email your prospectus to Lauren Davis.

Important: Please note that mailed submissions are not accepted. Specific submission instructions are provided in the Book Prospectus Guidelines. No phone calls, please! We will not be able to tell you over the phone if your book will be considered for acceptance.