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4 Great Alternatives to Essay Assignments
PUBLISHED: Wednesday, October 17, 2018 by Andilynn Feddeler
Essay assignments and exams are great for gauging student comprehension in an organized way, but can leave a lot to be desired in terms of creativity and voice. Students, especially gifted ones, often feel burnt-out or stifled when writing essay after essay, following a rigid structure with little room to express their ideas in different ways. Although essays are an important part of any English or social studies curriculum, students may benefit from completing other, more creative assignments. read more...
Helping Students Cope With Traumatic Experiences
PUBLISHED: Wednesday, October 10, 2018 by Andilynn Feddeler
Creating safe spaces in schools can greatly benefit the nearly 50% of students with exposure to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) by making them feel more comfortable, accepted, and heard. The stresses children face at home often lead them to act out in the classroom, and teachers sometimes feel overwhelmed by these behaviors. Knowing how to accommodate and encourage these students takes patience and understanding, but a supportive climate can improve their learning experiences and emotional development. read more...
Inspiring Contests for Talented and Creative Students
PUBLISHED: Wednesday, October 03, 2018 by Andilynn Feddeler
Do you know a talented student who is looking for a challenge? There are thousands of contests and opportunities out there for awards, scholarships, and more. Ranging from creative expression to researching and implementing scientific ideas, these competitions are great ways for kids to explore their passions. read more...
Class Presentations and Student Anxiety: The Ongoing Debate
PUBLISHED: Wednesday, September 26, 2018 by Andilynn Feddeler
Recently, the debate over class presentations and student anxiety has flared up again, and advocates on both sides of the conversation present convincing arguments. For many students, being forced to talk in front of a class for a grade can be extremely nerve-wracking, and can even lead them to skip class. But public speaking is an important skill, and teachers want to make sure their students have good communication skills in order to be prepared for the “real” world. read more...
Gifted Education News Roundup
PUBLISHED: Wednesday, September 19, 2018 by Andilynn Feddeler
With the beginning of a new school year come new conversations concerning gifted education. Here’s a roundup of recent news in gifted ed: read more...
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