Why Is Children's Nonfiction So Popular?
Why Is Children's Nonfiction So Popular?
PUBLISHED: Wednesday, August 12, 2015 by Katy McDowall

Will your young readers be diving into nonfiction books this fall? Many signs point to yes. Nonfiction's growing popularity in schools may be thanks to the Common Core State Standards, which highlight nonfiction, or “informational,” texts as the key to building comprehension skills. The growth of the genre has been “phenomenal” in recent years, according to this recent CNN article.

From the Who Was? biography series to the I Survived series, nonfiction may be “having its moment." There are many fantastic titles out there on a variety of topics—science, biographies, sports, history, and beyond—which is especially valuable if you're a teacher or a parent hoping to spark a student's interest in reading.

Overall, the genre's increased popularity has just been great to see. The Prufrock editorial team attended the 21st-Century Children’s Nonfiction Conference earlier this summer—and learning from and talking with other like-minded individuals committed to creating inspiring nonfiction for young readers was an amazing experience. We learned a lot regarding design and concept development, and are very excited about putting all of the new-found knowledge to use!

We have some great ideas in the works—and, of course, are as excited as ever about our Top Secret Files series, which focuses on often-unknown aspects of history. From the American Revolution and the Civil War to pirates and the Wild West, each book highlights spies, secret weapons, and special missions you may never have heard of. Even the most reluctant middle grade readers will enjoy uncovering all of the historical secrets.