Author: Ellen Burns Hurst, Ph.D.
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Specifically written for parents of girls who struggle with the reading process, Why Can’t My Daughter Read? takes parents through the components of the reading process, then provides strategies, guidance, and real-life stories they can use to help their daughters succeed at (and learn to love) reading. Along with a discussion of the unique ways girls mask their reading difficulties from their parents, teachers, and peers, the book includes insight into the lives of struggling female readers by profiling young women who were undiagnosed with dyslexia and the challenges they faced as a result. In addition, myths and misconceptions about girls and reading will be debunked as readers discover the best methods and technologies they can employ to help their daughters overcome their reading challenges.

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by Joy Baljet
on 5/28/2013
from Georgia
Why Can't My Daughter Read?
I enjoyed the way Dr. Hurst doesn’t just talk about the who, how, and why of identifying dyslexia, but how parents can take an active part in helping their daughters, and avoid the feelings of helplessness. I liked the approach she took with detailing case studies, providing direct explanation, and ending with instructional methods that can be applied.  Some of my favorite parts were Chapter 4 “Taking action Before Dyslexia and Identity Collide” because it stresses the relationship between unidentified Dyslexia and a girl’s ability to navigate an increasing workload and more complex reading as she moves through school.  Chapter 5, “ What Parents Can do at Home to Increase Reading Abilities” is filled with explanations, checklists and activities to assist parents in identifying reading difficulties at any age.   Towards the end of the book the author also gives readers good recommendations on how to collaborate with teachers and psychologists and to become effective advocates for their children.  Overall I felt this book is a useful tool to strengthen a parent’s knowledge and confidence in identifying and serving their daughter’s reading needs.
by Karla Zisook, PhD
on 4/12/2013
from Atlanta
A comprehensive resource!
As a public school teacher, reading specialist, and past president of the Georgia International Dyslexia Association, I fully endorse Dr. Hurst’s Why Can’t My Daughter Read? This book is a much needed resource for parents and teachers trying to navigate the often treacherous terrain of meeting the particular needs of dyslexic girls. As illustrated by her research on women who had childhood reading difficulties, girls are often overlooked for intervention because of their docile and compliant behavior- all ways of covering for their lack of reading ability.  Moreover, this book provides parents, and I would add classroom teachers, a clear plan of action. Chapter 6 is a goldmine of specific and easy to understand intervention activities for struggling readers. I particularly liked the overview of approaches to supporting dyslexics as well as the comprehensive lists throughout of websites, apps, and other resources such as checklists and questions to ask professionals. 
by Linda Kelley, Ed. S.
on 3/21/2013
from Atlanta, GA
School Psychologist and Learning Disability Specialist
This is a must have book for every parent whose child is struggling with reading—even in the earliest stages.  Dr. Hurst has provided remediation to many children and adolescents. She shares their stories with us in their own words, both their failures and their successes. She explains the prerequisites that underlie reading, and she provides specific and enjoyable interventions parents can use to enhance these reading skills at home.  Dr. Hurst traces the trajectory of how one becomes a competent reader—from acquiring the alphabetic principle to evaluating literature, textbooks, and web-based information.  This is far from being another esoteric piece about reading and dyslexia. This book provides comprehensive and specific information about how to ameliorate struggling readers in a condensed and manageable format. What parents need to know and do to advocate for their child as they work with school personnel is clearly delineated. Included are lists of apps that are applicable for different skills and ages.  Why Can’t My Daughter Read? is an extremely informative and empowering book for parents (of both genders) as well as for professionals. 

by Manuel J. Bettencourt, M.Div., M.B.A., Master Instructor (USAF)
on 3/15/2013
from Hilton Head Island, SC
Not Just for Parents
This is not just for parents; it is a must read for any educator or social service professional who wants to recognize the signs and coping mechanisms used by young (and older) women who have a reading problem.  The coping methods can be well hidden and are not always productive in the long run. You will learn how to see them being used in this book.  Dr. Hurst has done her research and presents a very readable, useful book based on case histories.  
by Juanita Stedman
on 3/11/2013
from Marietta, Georgia
Why Can't My Daughter Read
As someone who has professionally worked with many young troubled girls, I know the importance of a positive self concept. Not being able to read and doing poorly in school leads to just the opposite.  That then may lead to a teenager who is acting out through both inappropriate and illegal behavior.  This book gives parents the skills to help their daughters who are struggling with reading learn to love reading which enables them to be successful academically and personally. Both will help insure that they do not become a statistic in the criminal justice system. 
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Review: Midwest Book Review - April 1, 2013
Literacy is so important, so it’s frightening when a young one struggles with it. “Why Can’t My Daughter Read?: Success Strategies for Helping Girls With Dyslexia and Reading Difficulties” is an advisory for parents who are facing the struggles of their young daughters and their rough path to learning how to read. Focusing on girl-specific problems and how parents can encourage better efforts and foster a love of reading in young girls, “Why Can’t My Daughter Read?” is an enthusiastically recommended addition to educational and parenting collections focused on encouraging literacy.

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