Author: Kathryn Fishman-Weaver, Ph.D.
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Wholehearted Teaching of Gifted Young Women explores the important role school communities play in supporting the social and emotional needs of high-achieving young women. Using a youth participatory action research model, this project follows 20 student researchers from high school through college. This longitudinal study leads to “Wholehearted Teaching,” a new framework for cultivating courage, connection, and self-care in schools. Framed with personal stories and filled with practical suggestions, this book offers strategies for teachers, counselors, parents, and high-achieving young women as they navigate the precipice of youth and everything after.


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by Matt Miltenberg
on 2/28/2019
from Fort Collins, CO
Inspiring and a Joy to Read
Dr. Fishman-Weaver captures everything that makes her such an inspiring educator and thought leader.  She is literally bursting with heart, courage, and passion, all of which is transmitted through the book in a way that inspires you before you even really consider the tools and framework offered in the book. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this book, though, is the incredible readability that it possesses for an educational text.  Fishman-Weaver is a STORYTELLER and includes journal entries, essays, poems, and conversations from both herself and the young women she has worked with that gives this book the narrative drive of a novel.  You will, without a doubt, recognize these women in your experiences and the experiences of your students.  You will find yourself crying, laughing, and just plain rooting for Leslie,  Faith, Elaine, Heidi, and others, and if you are anything like me, you will be sad when the book ends because you want to keep following their tremendous stories.  
by Brian Stuhlman
on 1/16/2019
from Columbia, MO
Wholeheartedly Recommend...
As a teacher of gifted young men and women, I can attest that this book bravely connects readers in ways that quotidian educational research does not.  It is the rare work, such as this book by Dr. Fishman-Weaver, that has the guts to interweave mind AND heart AND spirit into a tapestry of pure courage and hope.  Achieving perfect balance, Dr. Fishman-Weaver's text navigates between logical theory and endearing, buoying stories, just as her teaching methods find equilibrium between academics and affective development.  She demonstrates and emulates the emotion and growth that becomes possible when we are vulnerable enough to be both teacher and learner, listener and guide, or even both gifted and challenged.  Acknowledging we are all works in progress, Dr. Fishman-Weaver and her research teams give all teachers a set of tools, a framework, and an encouragement to be heart-y teachers...not just of students, but of human beings who need our attention, so they might reach their potential.
on 1/9/2019
from Missouri
A must read for those seeking to understand how to best support high-achieving young women.
Dr. Fishman-Weaver masterfully weaves research and story into a narrative that illustrates the power of using affective education to support high-achieving young women, many who are navigating profound social and emotional challenges while performing at high levels academically. This book uses  participatory action research to emphasize critical listening, compassion, and communication as a means for facilitating movement from crisis to connection. Cultivating intimate spaces for story-sharing and reflection results in a both a practical guide for implementation as well as a call for care and deeper human connection. As Dr. Fishman-Weaver so aptly writes in her book, the result of this type of relational work is often cyclical. By entering into wholehearted teaching, you will find yourself cultivating connection and care for others, while also entering into courageous, formative spaces for yourself. 
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Review by: Molly Dettmann, Voice of Youth Advocates - January 1, 2021
With detailed journal entries from each of the participants—as well as Dr. Fishman-Weaver—readers get insight into the lives of these gifted young women. This book makes an excellent study for educators to reflect on how they are supporting students who often get overlooked because they appear to have everything together.
Review by: L. Kathleen Casper, Advanced Development Journal - October 1, 2020
This book is more than just a guidebook. It is multiple stories of self-exploration artfully connected to give the reader ideas for helping others while also promoting self-reflection. It connects with the topics and issues in just about every book on gifted education out there and would be an exceptional tool to add to your collection.
Review by: Shoshana Kerewksy, Teachers College Record - May 24, 2019
Fishman-Weaver’s feminist participatory action research (PAR) with gifted young women gives voice and context to the emotional stressors they identify, and suggests a framework for incorporating school-based interventions that derive from the women’s lived experiences. Her account is highly engaging and provides an accessible tool for educators and students.

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