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Jacob's Ladder: Advanced Reading Curriculum

Presenter: Ashley Carpenter, Center for Gifted Education, William & Mary

Get to know the Jacob's Ladder Reading Comprehension Program during a free webinar. Acquire the strategies and tools you need to implement this research-based curriculum program in your classroom or school.

This webinar was recorded on August 20, 2019.

Jacob's Ladder Webinar from Prufrock Press on Vimeo.

About Jacob's Ladder

The Jacob's Ladder Reading Comprehension Program targets reading comprehension skills in high-ability learners by moving students through an inquiry process from basic understanding to critical analyses of texts, using a field-tested method developed by the Center for Gifted Education at William & Mary. Learn more about Jacob's Ladder here.

About the Presenter

Ashley Carpenter is Assistant Professor and Director of Professional Development and Publications at the William & Mary Center for Gifted Education. Learn more here.

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