Wear It Blue: Raise Autism Awareness April 25
Wear It Blue: Raise Autism Awareness April 25
PUBLISHED: Thursday, April 18, 2013 by Rachel Taliaferro

As part of Autism Awareness MonthWear It Blue, a national campaign to raise awareness and funds, is calling for students, teachers, parents, and anyone whose life is affected by autism to join the cause by wearing blue next Thursday, April 25. 

Wear It Blue was launched in 2012 by the 16-year-old sister of a teen with autism as a way to build support for families for whom autism is a constant, year-round challenge. Be sure to check the details on the website for information on how you and your school can participate. 

In the meantime, the folks at TeachThought are recognizing Autism Awareness Month with six tips for teaching students with autism in mixed settings. Check out their strategies for advice on how to face the challenges of meeting and balancing the needs of children with autism in inclusive classrooms.

And don't forget to check out our website for resources on parenting or teaching children with autism.