Using Technology in the Gifted Classroom
Using Technology in the Gifted Classroom
PUBLISHED: Monday, January 28, 2013 by Sean Redmond

As this handy little graphic demonstrates, new technology continues to markedly impact classroom learning. But with so many different programs and websites—and more proliferating all of the time—it can be difficult to stay on top of the opportunities that are possible. Here are some resources that can help create a more engaging, interactive, and (hopefully!) exciting gifted classroom.

  • TeacherVision’s Top 10 Educational Technology Resources is a helpful list of some of the most popular classroom tools, including Glogs (from Glogster EDU), SchoolTube, and Storybird, a literacy-boosting program that lets students write and illustrate stories online.
  • What apps do what is a Google Doc created by Australian teacher Monique Dalli that lists different apps that can be used for educational purposes. Each entry includes a summarization of the app’s primary functions and possible ideas for classroom use. Some of the lesser known resources include Three Ring—an electronic three-ring binder for storing photos and audio and video files—and ShowMe, an app to help create tutorials and iPad-based lessons. As this is an interactive document, anyone can log in and add his or her own favorite resources, so be sure to check back often to see what’s new.
  • Check out THE Journal’s “5 K–12 Technology Trends to Watch in 2013” for an idea of some of the ways technology is set to affect the educational world in the coming year. From video production to data analytics, K–12 technology experts offer their insights into the technological possibilities lying just over the horizon.