Author: Beverly A. Trail, Ed.D.
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Gifted students with disabilities, also referred to as twice-exceptional children, need the strategies in Twice-Exceptional Gifted Children: Understanding, Teaching, and Counseling Gifted Students in order to find success in the regular classroom. By offering a thorough discussion of twice-exceptional students based on research into how gifted students with disabilities learn, the author helps teachers and education professionals develop a broad understanding of the complex issues associated with gifted students who have disabilities.

This comprehensive text provides an overview of who these students are, how teachers can tap into their strengths and weaknesses, and what educational strategies should be implemented to help these students succeed in school and beyond. The book will guide a collaborative team step-by-step through the process of identifying students’ needs, selecting modifications and accommodations, and developing a comprehensive plan to meet the diverse needs of twice-exceptional children. By implementing the strategies suggested in this book, teachers of twice-exceptional gifted students can ensure these students do not just survive in the classroom, but thrive.

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by Sallie
on 10/31/2014
from Michigan
Helpful Resource for New 2e Families
Discovering your child is 2e might be a relief or a shock. In either case, this book provides a wealth of information to help parents sort out what it means to have a 2e child. It also gives many practical insights and ideas for parents, teachers and other professionals who work with 2e children. 

As a mother, I found it a helpful resource to help me better understand and help my child. I definitely think parents of 2e children would find this book a worthwhile volume to help them navigate this new world with its own terminology and expectations, especially if they feel overwhelmed by all of the information and questions coming at them from teachers, counselors and other professionals.
by Erin Breedlove
on 1/27/2012
from Georgia
An Outstanding Viewpoint
Beverly Trail proves her expertise and insight by covering all bases of dual exceptionality in this beautifully written and organized text.  As a student who was considered twice-exceptional, I appreciate the perspectives that she presented. Holistic views of every aspect of the twice-exceptional lifestyle in academia were presented and Trail's sensitivities toward the subject and the people were thoughtfully expressed and demonstrated! A definite must-read!
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Review: Gifted Child Today - October 1, 2011
In developing a differentiated curriculum for children who are a part of this special population, teachers and other school professionals will find the research-based strategies and discussions presented in Twice-Exceptional Gifted Children: Understanding, Teaching, and Counseling Gifted Students to be both practical and beneficial. Author Beverly A. Trail shares her expertise in the area of assisting educators in understanding how to nurture giftedness while effectively addressing the areas of need associated with a child’s disability. This book may be used as a step-by-step guide or as a periodic reference by teams of educators, enhancing the understanding of twice-exceptional students and the ability to meet their complex needs in the regular classroom setting.
Review by: Linda Neumann, 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter - May 14, 2011
Beverly Trail brought her 22 years in education to bear in writing this book. In less than 200 pages she has compiled all of the essential information needed to understand who twice-exceptional children are, what challenges they need to face, what the consequences are of not addressing their challenges, and how professionals and parents can work together to meet the needs of this underserved population of students.
Review: Today's Books - January 24, 2011
Named to the A-List, Today's Books Daily Register
Review: Midwest Book Review - January 1, 2011
Talent is something to be nurtured, and some talents need assistance to get the help they need. “Twice-Exceptional Gifted Children: Understanding, Teaching and Counseling Gifted Students” is a guide for educators and teachers who want to help their gifted and talented students keep performing at this high level, particularly those who also face disabilities, making their talents all the more significant. “Twice-Exceptional Gifted Children” is a thoughtful and scholarly volume that should be considered by any advanced classes teacher.
Review by: Kathee Jones, A Gifted Journey - December 14, 2010
As a parent and advocate for gifted students, I want this book--and the breadth and depth of information it offers in one place--to be something with which every one of my children's teachers is very familiar...If all the stakeholders in gifted and twice-exceptional student education were to be familiar with the insights and suggestions in this book, so much practical progress could be made: everyone would be on the same page (so to speak) with a foundation and strategies for early intervention and twice-exceptional student success!

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