Traveling for Gifted Students
Traveling for Gifted Students
PUBLISHED: Wednesday, May 30, 2018 by Andilynn Feddeler

Summer is just beginning, and many families are planning out their vacations or visits to places all over the world. Travel is super exciting for most people, and very important when it comes to developing cooperation and independence in kids. Even a one-day road trip can be extremely useful, especially for gifted kids, in enhancing one’s sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around him or her. Staying put for too long, as often happens over summer break, can be discouraging and hinder a student’s ability to think outside the box. There are many travel programs and websites geared toward gifted students that help encourage exploration, confidence, and collaboration.  

Many of these programs are dependent upon local school districts, but there are a few nationwide ones as well. Some universities, such as Johns Hopkins, host educational travel programs to places such as Scotland, Indochina, or even Wyoming, if you’re unsure about sending your kid overseas. These programs are encouraged for families of talented youth and promote authentic learning experiences.

“Raising Wizards” suggests hundreds of interesting places and activities across the country that will inspire the gifted child. This offers a less structured approach to travel than a university-sponsored program, and can be adapted to fit any budget due to the variety of options. There are countless lists of places to go, including famous literary sites or “completely original” locations all over the globe, like the cereal killer cafe in London, UK. Each activity is beneficial to gifted students who are looking to expand their outlooks and go beyond the territory they already know.

Gifted kids often benefit from challenging experiences, and traveling is one of the many opportunities for growth you can offer your child this summer. But remember to be flexible; some students may need time to process the new environments and stimulation they’re faced with. The Grayson School offers some “helpful tips for successful trips” with gifted kids, like contacting venues and preplanning to make sure everything goes smoothly, or signing up for TSA precheck if traveling by plane.

All in all, gifted students sometimes need a little something extra in order to have fully immersive and authentic learning experiences. Traveling, no matter how far or for how long, can be a great way to appeal to their mindsets and encourage a productive summer vacation before school starts back up again.