Author: Stephanie Bearce
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ISBN: 9781618212443
Pages: 128
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Spy school, poison pens, exploding muffins, and Night Witches were all a part of World War II, but you won't learn that in your history books! Crack open secret files and read about the mysterious Ghost Army, rat bombs, and doodlebugs. Discover famous spies like the White Mouse, super-agent Garbo, and baseball player and spy, Moe Berg. Then build your own fingerprint kit and crack a spy code. It’s all part of the true stories from the Top Secret Files: World War II. Take a look if you dare, but be careful! Some secrets are meant to stay hidden . . .

Ages 9–12


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by Stacy Butz
on 2/2/2015
Captivating for Young Readers
As an educator, I found this book to be captivating to young readers. The layout of the text features invites readers to learn about the secrets of spies, missions and hidden facts they may not have been taught in history classes. This book is engaging and also includes several fun spy training experiments. I highly recommend this book to classroom teachers, parents, librarians and especially history teachers.
by Jessica Sanders-Parmer
on 1/10/2015
from United States
Engaging and Fun
I requested this book thinking my 12-year old son, war buff, would enjoy. He thumbed through it and said it was a good, but he already knew everything in it.

However, my 9-year old snatched it up and has really enjoyed it, particularly the activities that are tied in. She's already made a little straw rocket and has been begging to head outside in the below freezing temps to make a spy obstacle course. 

I enjoyed the book too, as I found there were tidbits of history that I hadn't learned and found rather intriguing. I can't wait to add the other titles in the series to our home library.
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Review by: Greg Romaneck, Children's Literature - May 1, 2015
Throughout this well-written and fact filled book, the author does a fine job of presenting some of the most amazing espionage efforts in the costliest war in human history. Bearce also provides readers with some projects linked to the spy stories presented, such as step-by-step instructions on how to write a code, create a book safe, or hide messages. This approach results in an informative book that also offers a hands-on learning experience.
Review by: Elaine Weiner, Gifted Education Communicator - January 1, 2015
Teachers could use Bearce’s books as motivation for the textbook because her books will allow students to enjoy in-the-moment what they have to study later. The stories are so entertaining that it doesn’t feel like studying, although they will enjoy learning in spite of themselves. And if educators who use these books are successful, our children will ask for more . . . I think it is hard for a 14 year old to feel as older people do who lived through the war. That’s why it is so important to have our students become very involved in these books. I know of no other books about the war that could bring generations together!

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