Author: Stephanie Bearce
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Bandits, lawmen, six shooters, bank robberies, and cowboys were all a part of the Wild West. But so were camels, buried treasure, and mail-carrying ponies. Dive into strange tales like the mysterious Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine and Rattlesnake Dick’s lost fortune. Discover the truth about notorious legends like Pistol Pete, Buffalo Bill, bandit queen Belle Starr, and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Then, learn how cowboys branded and drove cattle and how to make your own chuck wagon grub. It’s all part of the true stories from the Top Secret Files: The Wild West. Take a look if you dare, but be careful! Some secrets are meant to stay hidden.

Ages 9–12


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by Chris
on 2/28/2016
Fascinating true stories behind legends of the Old West
Stephanie Bearce’s “Top Secret Files” series proves just how interesting history can be. These books are jam-packed with fascinating facts that will inform and entertain any age.

This latest installment gives the real stories behind such legends as Buffalo Bill, Butch Cassidy, and OSU’s mascot Pistol Pete. 

It explains the purpose behind traditional cowboy garb, details the Pony Express, and describes the Army’s experimental use of camels to help settle the west. 

Each section includes hands-on activites (“Cowpoke Practice”). Readers can design their own brand, try out Chuck Wagon recipes, and learn to lasso. Chapters are short and direct, and often include links to online material, plus numerous reference materials if readers wish to delve deeper into a subject.

TOP SECRET FILES: THE WILD WEST is an excellent addition to any home or classroom library! 
by Peggy Archer
on 1/26/2016
from O'Fallon, MO
Top Secret Files: THE WILD WEST
Camels pulling covered wagons? Vinegar pie!? From cattle drives to shoot-outs, readers will be drawn in by the many interesting details about life in the early days of the west in TOP SECRET FILES: THE WILD WEST. 

Having grown up playing cowboys and cowgirls, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the facts behind the fiction of the ‘wild west.’ Young cowpokes will learn the ‘Cowboy Code’ and have fun trying out their own cowboy skills. They’ll discover why the cook was one of the most important members of the cattle team. And they might even solve the mystery of the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine! 

Educator, writer and history detective Stephanie Bearce did a superb job researching the lives of cowboys and life in the days of the wild west. And her spirited writing brings it all to life. So pull on your boots and hang onto your hats! Then sit down and enjoy the next exciting Top Secret Files book. 
by Nicki Jacobsmeyer
on 1/25/2016
from St. Louis, MO
The Wild West was more fascinating than I could imagine. Bearce does a fantastic job of telling the stories of Cowboys, Cowgirls, Lawmen and Outlaws. She immediately piques the young reader’s interest with legends and mysteries. The book is filled with Wild West facts and allows readers to become their own Cowboy/Cowgirl with her COWPOKE PRACTICE activities. Excellent addition to the TOP SECRET FILES series! 
by Valerie Battle Kienzle
on 1/21/2016
from Weldon Spring, MO
Top Secret Files: The Wild West
It was the 1800s.  The unexplored lands of the western United States led thousands to leave established homes and travel in search of adventure, treasure, and new opportunities.  Welcome to The Wild West!  Author Stephanie Bearce's latest installment in the successful "Top Secret Files" series.  In this as in other volumes in this series, Bearce presents a truthful look at life at that time.  Profiles, personalities, legends,illustrations, and suggested activities.  Bearce includes enough to pique the interest of all ages -- particularly reluctant readers.
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Review by: Elaine Wiener, Gifted Education Communicator - October 1, 2016
As in all of the Top Secret Files books, there are clever little pictures and cartoon-like appeal not just to the 12 to 14 years olds for which these books are written, but easily as appealing to adults . . . These books may have been written for our pre-teens and teens but are equally as fascinating to adults. I won’t ever allow an adult friend to borrow Top Secret Files books for their children unless they promise to read them first. And they, indeed, do!!!

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