Author: Stephanie Bearce
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Poison dart umbrellas and cyanide guns were all a part of the arsenal of tools used by spies of the Soviet KGB, American CIA, and British MI6, but you won't learn that in your history books! Learn the true stories of the Cold War and how spies used listening devices planted in live cats and wristwatch cameras. Discover how East Germans tried to ride zip lines to freedom, while the Cambridge Four infiltrated Britain and rockets raced to the moon. Then make your own submarines and practice writing secret codes. It’s all part of the true stories from the Top Secret Files: The Cold War. Take a look if you dare, but be careful! Some secrets are meant to stay hidden . . .

Ages 9–12


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by Chris
on 1/31/2016
Top Secret Files: The Cold War
Stephanie Bearce’s “Top Secret Files” series proves just how interesting history can be. With sections like: Secrets, Spies, Special Missions, and Secret Weapons, these books are jam-packed with fascinating facts that will inform and entertain any age.

This latest installment includes construction of the Berlin Wall and stories of daring escapes, from tunneling under the wall to zip-lining over it. There are spies in all shapes and sizes: an 87-year old grandma, animals, and even a magician who helped train CIA operatives. There are interesting sidebars about the Bridge of Spies, Dr. Seuss’ Butter Battle Book, and the true story that inspired the movie “Argo.”

The chapters are short and easily digestible, and every section includes hands-on activities. There are links to online material and lists of reference materials. TOP SECRET FILES: THE COLD WAR is an excellent addition to any home or classroom library!
by Valerie Battle Kienzle
on 1/21/2016
from Weldon Spring, MO
Top Secret Files: The Cold War
Warld War II was over, but spies, secret agents, and covert operations continued during the period of U.S. history referred to as The Cold War.  In this latest installment in her successful "Top Secret Files" series, author Stephanie Bearce sheds light on the mid-20th century era of secret missions, mysterious codes, and intrigue.  The format is both fun and informative, sure to interest readers of all genres.   
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Review: Gifted Child Today - March 16, 2016
Bearce takes history to a level far beyond the basic textbook by sharing unique facts, stories, and interactive learning experiences that transport the reader back in time . . . These books are wonderful resources for encouraging reading and engaging the curious minds of students, especially those who are interested in adventure.
Review: Midwest Book Review - October 1, 2015
Very highly recommended for school and community library collections.
Review by: Annie Smith, Children's Literature - August 1, 2015
This book is an excellent resource about the Cold War, and part of the “Top Secret Files Series.” Other books include: The American Revolution, The Civil War, Gangsters and Bootleggers, Pirates and Buried Treasure, The Wild West. World War I, and World War II. Although all of these books address unknown facts of history, each book covers a respective topic, and would be an excellent addition to school libraries for historical reference.
Review: Kirkus Review - May 16, 2015
Bearce’s latest installment in the Top Secret Files series introduces young readers to the Cold War.

Following the design and format of the previous titles in the series, reading this book is rather like opening a filing cabinet, reaching in, and pulling out a file. Any file will do. Skip around; every file contains something interesting: stories of the CIA operative who made an escape dressed as a dog; the Cambridge University students who became KGB spies; the 87-year-old “grey-haired granny” who became a spy. Suggested activities have readers making up secret codes, creating parachutes, making “glacier goo,” and creating UFOs. The “carrot submarine” activity even refers budding vegetable sculptors to a YouTube video if they need help. Interesting tidbits about poop-shaped transmitters, animal agents, U-2 spy planes, the space race, and even Dr. Seuss’ The Butter Battle Book add to the fun. The writing style of the longer chapters—such as “Tunnels to Freedom” and “They Built a Wall”—is direct and matter-of-fact, imparting information clearly. Most entries have lead sentences designed to pull readers in: “What do a raven, a cat, and a dolphin have in common? They were all trained as agents for the CIA.” Particularly valuable for young researchers is a lengthy guide to relevant websites.

A nifty supplement to traditional nonfiction and fiction on the period.

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