Author: Stephanie Bearce
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ISBN: 9781618214614
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Blind pigs, speakeasies, coffin varnish, and tarantula juice were all a part of the Roaring 20s. Making alcohol illegal didn’t get rid of bars and taverns or crime bosses: They just went underground. Secret joints were in almost every large city and could be entered if you knew the right code words. Discover the crazy language and secret codes of the Prohibition Era—why you should mind your beeswax and watch out for the gumshoe talking to the fuzz or you might end up in the cooler! It’s all part of the true stories from the Top Secret Files: Gangsters and Bootleggers. Take a look if you dare, but be careful! Some secrets are meant to stay hidden . . .

Ages 9–12


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by Nicki Jacobsmeyer
on 2/2/2016
from St. Louis, MO
Bee's knee!
TOP SECRET FILES: GANGSTERS & BOOTLEGGERS is the bee’s knees! Bearce takes the reader on a wild ride through the roaring 20s and doesn’t miss a beat. Tales of speakeasies, flappers and gangs are shared in an innovative way that includes writing and deciphering codes, reading 1920s comics and even making a “Most Wanted” poster of yourself! The book reveals hidden facts about the invention of NASCAR and the women who had a role in their own scandals. A must read for every guy and doll out there!
by Jill Burkemper
on 1/28/2016
from Missouri
Engaging and Exciting Non-Fiction Fix
As an elementary school library I am always looking for exciting books to engage my students about history. Top Secret Files is one of the best series because it combines high-interest history, easy-to-do science experiments, and a unique style of writing that is appealing to kids. In "Gangsters and Bootleggers: Secrets, Strange Tales, & Hidden Facts About the Roaring 20's" readers will learn about Prohibition, sneaky bootleggers, notorious gangsters and more. From Alcatraz to Gangster Speak this book would be a great addition to any home or school library. It's the "cat's meow!"
by Valerie Battle Kienzle
on 1/21/2016
from Weldon Spring, MO
Top Secret Files: Gangsters and Bootleggers
Prohibition may have sounded like a good idea to some, but in reality it contributed to illegal alcohol production and distribution, plus a network of crime bosses and their stooges.  In her latest "Top Secret Files" book, author Stephanie Bearce sheds light on the underground world of the prohibition years.  From gangster slang to activities, Bearce presents a fascinating look at this period of U.S. history.  There's enough intrigue to interest even the most reluctant readers.
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Review by: Elaine Wiener, Gifted Education Communicator - October 1, 2016
As in all of the Top Secret Files books, there are clever little pictures and cartoon-like appeal not just to the 12 to 14 years olds for which these books are written, but easily as appealing to adults . . . These books may have been written for our pre-teens and teens but are equally as fascinating to adults. I won’t ever allow an adult friend to borrow Top Secret Files books for their children unless they promise to read them first. And they, indeed, do!!!

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