Authors: Jenn Dlugos, Charlie Hatton
Product Code: 5642
ISBN: 9781618215642
Pages: 112
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Hexapus. Singing mice. Spider worm. They sound like creatures from horror movies, but they are all real-life mutants that creep, crawl, and slither among us. In Things That Make You Go Yuck!: Mystifying Mutants, you’ll learn that genes can be a freaky and fascinating business. From two-toned lobsters to hairless cats, this book showcases the strangest and most shocking genetic mutants in the plant and animal kingdoms. Whether it’s nature’s slimiest organisms or the weirdest mutations, Things That Make You Go Yuck! celebrates survival of the fittest, grossest, craziest, and creepiest things in nature, proving once and for all that life in the wild is anything but ordinary.

Ages 9–12


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by Andrea
on 10/6/2016
from Massachusetts
Excellent Series
My 9 year old loves these books. She said, "They're funny and you learn lots of stuff." We got her the entire series and she trying to read them all at once- reading a chapter and then swapping off into another one. She also loves connecting them to creatures she's seen on tv or at the zoo.

As a parent, I like that they are expertly written in a fun kid accessible way. Highly Recommend!  
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Review: Gifted Child Today - July 1, 2017
Eye-catching pictures will grab the attention of anyone just flipping through the books, and the quirky humor will engage readers as they enjoy learning fun facts as they explore the text from cover to cover!
Review by: Angela Leeper, Booklist - January 1, 2017
Combining two tween favorites—humor and the gross-out factor—the titles in the Things That Make You Go Yuck! series are also educational. But don’t tell that to students. These books are all about animal (and a few plant and microorganism) adaptations and survival, particularly the planet’s more unusual creatures, and readers will enjoy reading one quick, double-page story after another. The smaller format—with close-up color photos on every page, puns that introduce each species, and related quizzes—add to the browsing appeal. Mystifying Mutants discusses the role of genes and how mutations have given animals and plants strange physical characteristics and adaptations to survive (or not!). A final chapter discusses how and why scientists are genetically modifying animals. From yuck to wow to hmm, these books will draw out the curiosity in any reader.
Review by: Glenn Dallas, San Francisco Book Review - December 19, 2016
Written with surprising wit and charm, this book is as funny as it is informative, never losing sight of educating the reader, even while entertaining you with trivia questions, goofy asides, ideas for assignments, and impressive photography that brings each of these unique creatures to life.
Review by: Lisa Pike, NSTA Recommends - November 29, 2016
[T]he pictures were great, the information accurate, and the examples decidedly odd and appealing! . . . In addition to logical groupings of organisms, a mix of plant and animal examples, and fantastic images, there were trivia questions and thought-bubble boxes scattered throughout to break things up a bit. A fun read, each 2 page description of a “yucky” organism felt like it would make a great 2 minute mini-commercial on a kids science TV show. I’d recommend for any organismal science class.

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