Author: Toni Blackwell Rhodes, M.Ed.
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ISBN: 9781618214270
Pages: 84
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The Writing on the Walls: Discovering Medieval and Ancient Graffiti for Middle School Social Studies is an activity book for grades 6–8 to supplement the study of the cultures of medieval England, ancient Pompeii, and ancient Athens. By looking at these cultures through the lens of graffiti, students learn about the everyday concerns and daily life of people who lived in the past. This up-close look at history will invigorate the classroom and engage and challenge students to identify with the past. For example, a piece of graffiti from ancient Pompeii that praises a "heartthrob" gladiator gets students to reflect on how they express feelings toward their own celebrity crushes. Questions throughout the text and activities at the end of chapters encourage students to reflect on the material and assume the role of archaeologist/researcher. Reading lists provided at the end of chapters extend learning and invite students to continue exploring ancient cultures.

Grades 6–8


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by Joanne Bell
on 10/12/2015
Good Example of Using a Primary Source
"The Writing on the Walls is a good example of using a primary source. The primary source is graffiti, written by people long ago. What an awesome hook to engage middle school students." Middle school teacher Joanne Bell recommends this book in her review at MiddleWeb.
by Gail H.
on 8/1/2015
from Atlanta, GA
This book is a gem!
As an educator, I am always looking for supplemental texts and/or activities. This book is a gem!
Firstly, it is versatile. While the target audience is 6-8th grades, this book could be used as a resource for high schoolers and upper elementary gifted students. It will work equally well with large or small group instruction. Next, it has kid-friendly text with present-day references that kids will relate to,ex. cell phone,texting,computers. Thirdly, the activities are fabulous! I want to do some of them myself! There are activities that will be enjoyable for the visual, auditory, and tactile learner. The only drawback is not the fault of the author. The format chosen by the published is not really student-friendly for the average to slow learner. There is way too much text on a page. I can appreciate conserving paper (and saving money), but not at a learner's expense. Cluttered pages = tuned out kids. In some places, the text is separated by several pages due to the inclusion of pictur
by Valerie
on 7/3/2015
from Atlanta, GA
A great "hook"
A great "hook" to get students interested in medieval and ancient cultures! Provides a nice combination of information, activities and additional resources. Versatile use for large and small groups and learning centers.
by Andrea Kautz
on 7/1/2015
from St. Petersburg, FLA
Great Teaching Aid
Very informative teaching aide. An an educator would have preferred the answers to the questions be towards the back of the book. Would definitely purchase this book for my classroom.
by gail goodwin
on 6/29/2015
from atlanta
The Writing on the Walls
The Writing on the Walls is a cool history book for kids. Using graffiti found on the walls of ancient buildings as a starting place, this book provide middle school kids and inquiring adults fascinating information about everyday life in ancient Greece, Rome and England. The clearly written and well-researched narrative text augments the abundant illustrations of documented graffiti discoveries. I believe this book is unique in that there is no other kids' books on the subject of ancient graffiti on the market. Fun, thought-provoking activities add a further user-friendly dimension to the book. 
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