Editors: Frances A. Karnes, Ph.D., Kristen R. Stephens, Ph.D.
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ISBN: 9781593639693
Pages: 134
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With The Ultimate Guide to Internet Resources for Teachers of Gifted Students, educators gain a detailed overview of how they can use the Internet to teach new information, extend students’ learning, and offer exciting opportunities for differentiation. The authors discuss the many ways in which Internet resources might be used and provide tips on connecting with experts and peers, conducting responsible research, evaluating websites, and more. The book’s extensive annotated listing of online resources will make it easy for teachers of gifted kids to plan lessons, enhance students’ understanding of material, and encourage students to pursue their academic and extracurricular interests.


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by Lisa Van Gemert
on 9/9/2013
from United States
Wonderful Guide to the Web
The Ultimate Guide to Internet Resources for Teachers of Gifted Students:

This is a wonderful guide to the web especially for teachers of gifted students.  The topical organization of the book makes it easy for teachers to locate available resources in various areas including national organizations, student programs, lesson planning, independent study projects, and online classes.  Resources for children of all ages are included.  Each resource is presented along with a brief annotation highlighting that resource’s materials and possibilities for classroom use.  Special sections are included containing web resources pertaining to each major academic content area, foreign language, fine arts and even service learning opportunities.  This is a must-have resource for teachers seeking to provide more computer-based learning for students or for teachers who want to have more resources available to them when planning curriculum and enrichment activities.  

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Review: Gifted Child Today - January 20, 2015
Paying special attention to the importance of safe Internet searches and interactions as well as the necessity of teaching students to be responsible consumers of Internet content, the authors provide a plethora of websites to enhance learning experiences. The book is organized by the type of resource and can be used as a reference to explore numerous topics, connect with peers who share like interests, or to engage in communication with mentors or content experts who can help to enhance academic growth.
Review: Midwest Book Review - January 1, 2013
With plenty of advice on hunting down the appropriate resources, to improve curriculum and help students learn their practice more effectively, “The Ultimate Guide to Internet Resources” is a must for modern teachers who want to stay informed of the potential they can bring to their students.

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