Authors: James W. Forgan, Ph.D., Mary Anne Richey
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ISBN: 9781618214010
Pages: 280
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Impulsive, scattered, lost, unfocused, unprepared, disorganized: These are just a few of the words used to describe kids with executive functioning deficits, which commonly affect many children already diagnosed with ADHD, learning disabilities, and autism. The Impulsive, Disorganized Child: Solutions for Parenting Kids With Executive Functioning Difficulties helps parents pinpoint weak executive functions in their children, then learn how to help their kids overcome these deficits with practical, easy solutions. Children who can't select, plan, initiate, or sustain action toward their goals are children who simply struggle to succeed in school and other aspects of life. Parents need the helpful, proven advice and interactive surveys and action plans in this book to empower them to take positive action to teach their disorganized, impulsive child to achieve independence, success, and a level of self-support.


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by Karen Mabry
on 7/21/2015
from Roanoke, VA
The Impulsive, Disorganized Child
As a classroom teacher, reading specialist, and PK-12 principal in both public and private schools for 40+ years, I wish that I had had this resource to share with parents and teachers! There are so many aspects of this book to commend, but these are my favorites.  First, the structure and organization of the book itself make all of the info inside easily accessible and almost instantly usable.  The tables of guidelines for each area of executive functioning are so objectively helpful for parents who are trying to clarify how “normal” might look. 
	The “Is this a problem?” section helps parents move from a generalized sense of something wrong to pinpointing more specific behaviors, and the literature links offer a wonderful way for parents and children to communicate and empathize about their feelings related to EF difficulties.
	Kudos to the authors for spelling out the extra care and attention which are critical for children with two homes.  More and more and more kudos to the authors for blame-free and do-able ways to help caring adults help kids. 
by Kim Berryhill
on 5/3/2015
from Palm Beach Gardens, FL
What a valuable resource for educators and parents!
With more and more kids being diagnosed with executive functioning delays, this book is extremely useful for parents and school professionals. It breaks down the different skills that make up executive functioning and describes them clearly with examples. As a school psychologist working with children who have executive functioning difficulties, I find this book to be a valuable resource for educators and parents.  The book gives valuable tips and tools to be used at home as well as in the classroom.  The book is user-friendly and enjoyable read. I will definitely use this as a tool to help our students succeed in the area of executive functioning!
by Julie C. Ross, Educational Advocate and Consultant, Ross Guidance and Educational Advocacy, LLC
on 3/30/2015
Phenomenal Resource
What I like most about Jim and Mary Anne’s latest resource for parents is its excellent “go to” reading style. Whatever the age, whatever the issue, they have broken down the problem and offered strategies for the home, school, and the community. There are solutions for the family and lists for teachers. And, most brilliant, the authors address our children’s current obsession, technology, with tips for using the latest apps, software, and other smart phone functions to help with executive functioning difficulties. Get ready to celebrate your child’s improvement in the area of executive functioning, finally, with this phenomenal resource!
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Review by: Jeffrey Shoemaker - April 15, 2015
If you have a student, or know a parent who has a child with Executive Function Difficulties, I would highly suggest this book. The authors James Forgan, Ph.D., and Mary Anne Richey have organized this book perfectly. Each chapter is broken down into a short self-reflection survey, details and research about the aspect they are explaining, how to help your child at home, school, in the community, and how to use their strengths and technology. They also have a short list of books that would be good to read with your child that they can relate to, along with suggestions for the classroom teacher. They also include some ideas of apps, and websites that will help your child in various ways.
Review by: Lisa Conrad - March 29, 2015
I was impressed by the level of research that went into this book. Neuroscience has come a long way in the past several decades. If you are the parent of an impulsive, disorganized child as I was, you will find solace and strategies for coping with your child’s behavior.
Review by: Elaine Taylor-Klaus, ImpactADHD - March 23, 2015
If you are a parent looking for straight-forward solutions to help your disorganized child, this incredibly user-friendly resource is the guidebook you’ve been seeking. Whether you’re tackling issues at home, at school or in the community, Forgan and Richey organize Executive Function challenges so clearly that you can easily target one problem at a time for kids age 4–12—and take immediate action. The “Suggestions for the Teacher” in each chapter are a terrific bonus to copy and share with each year’s new school team.

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