The Fascination of Storm Chasers for Gifted Kids
The Fascination of Storm Chasers for Gifted Kids
PUBLISHED: Tuesday, September 25, 2012 by Carol Fertig

Gifted young people frequently get very excited about bizarre occurrences and occupations. The job of storm chaser fits into that category and may act as an impetus for the study of meteorology.

Please be sensitive to the emotions of your individual children. Although this information will fascinate some children, it may terrify others. Use your judgment about making this available to your kids.

  • Storm Chasing—Who are storm chasers? Can one make a living at the job? What does a typical chase look like? What is the best way to become a storm chaser?
  • Storm Chasers on the Discovery Channel—This site is presented in Hollywood fashion, sensationalizing the storms. Here you will find impressive videos, a real-time weather tracker, and information about the vehicles and equipment used by storm chasers. The production crew of Storm Chasers also answers questions about their jobs.
  • Storm Chasers from PBS—University of Oklahoma meteorology professor Howard Bluestein turned a boyhood fascination with severe weather into a career chasing tornadoes, working to shed scientific light on one of nature's most violent and unpredictable phenomenons. He and his graduate student “chasers” are featured in an IMAX film. An interview with the director of the film can also be found at this website so kids can learn about the development of Bluestein’s career. Included at this site are facts about severe weather and information about obtaining an activity guide for teachers (or parents).

This blog post initially appeared on the Gifted Child Info Blog on July 1, 2011.