The CCSS Transition in Kentucky
The CCSS Transition in Kentucky
PUBLISHED: Friday, October 18, 2013 by Rachel Taliaferro

Now that the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) have been adopted in 45 states, school administrators and curriculum directors nationwide are preparing themselves for the transition. This article from The Atlantic, produced by education news outlet The Hechinger Report, examines what the transition experience has been like in Kentucky, the first state to adopt the CCSS.

In Kentucky classrooms, implementing the CCSS hasn't been without its bumps and hurdles. A significant change in test scores is yet to be seen as both teachers and students struggle to set and keep up with the more demanding pace. A lack of funding in some of Kentucky's more cash-strapped and rural districts is also making the transition period a bit rougher.

However, slow results were expected from the start, and the district administrators interviewed in the article remain hopeful that these are just growing pains that will eventually lead to more robust curricula and higher test scores. But as more schools across the country are preparing for full implementation of the CCSS, experts predict that many of them will face the same uphill battle that Kentucky has.

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