The Benefits of Gifted and Talented Programs: Students’ Perspectives
The Benefits of Gifted and Talented Programs: Students’ Perspectives
PUBLISHED: Thursday, March 29, 2012 by Jennifer Robins

Tamara Fisher writes a great blog for Education Week called Unwrapping the Gifted. As a K–12 gifted education specialist and President of the Montana Association of Gifted and Talented Education, she has great insight into what’s happening in schools today and how it affects our gifted students.

In her blog “In and of Itself,” Fisher discusses the unfortunately reality many gifted programs across the country are now facing: budget cuts. With the focus on Response to Intervention (RtI), gifted kids are often having their needs met—or not—in the regular classroom instead of taking part in traditional gifted education services. Although gifted students can certainly be served within an RtI framework, we need to remember that they deserve to be challenged each and every day.

As Fisher notes, “Just as Special Education holds additional and unique value in and of itself for the learners who need it, so does Gifted Education. These are not good students who need some extra challenge from time to time, they are radically different thinkers and learners whose needs go far beyond just academic challenge - just as students who receive services from Special Education need ‘something more’ than just academic support.”

In her blog, she shares quotes from gifted students with their perspectives about gifted education and what they get out of it. Click here to read their wonderful insights on the benefits of gifted programs to students themselves.