Authors: James W. Forgan, Ph.D., Mary Anne Richey
Product Code: 8711
ISBN: 9781618218711
Pages: 272
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The ADHD Empowerment Guide is different from other parenting ADHD books because it helps parents identify and build upon their child’s strengths and natural talents in order to develop a specific plan to unlock their child’s potential. Parents are invited to complete two easy-to-follow questionnaires to identify their child’s natural abilities, as well as determine key characteristics in their child that research has shown to help children with ADHD succeed in life. These characteristics include emotional control, integrity, grit, resiliency, resourcefulness, organization, motivation, school fit, support systems, and productive use of technology. Using the practical strategies presented, strength-building activities, and the information learned from the questionnaires, parents can develop a success plan that will unlock their child’s potential and build a positive outlook on the journey of raising a child with ADHD. The authors, two professionals who have “been there and done that” with their own children with ADHD, illustrate their strategies and content by highlighting successful people with ADHD who excelled in various areas and share some of their success secrets to raising a successful child with ADHD.


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by Gwen Farquhar
on 7/23/2019
from Palm Beach Gardens
The ADHD Empowerment Guide
Very well written. A great help to parents with an ADHD child!
by C. Myers
on 7/11/2019
from Jupiter, Florida
A Positive Approach to ADHD
The ADHD Empowerment Guide does exactly what it says it will, “empowers you to do the best you can for your child.” As an educator specializing in Exceptional Student Education and parent of 2 children diagnosed with ADHD, this book provided a way to look at a diagnosis of ADHD through a positive lens. It helps you see the possibilities for your child from school age through adulthood when they begin transitioning into real life careers. It is not only a book of knowledge but also a book for action. It guides you through short term and long term goals and setting up an intentional plan so your child reaches his/her full potential. The Guide lists resources for you as a parent as well as resources to use with your child. 
The ADHD Empowerment Guide provides a positive, long term approach for ensuring success for your child. I will be sharing this resource with friends, colleagues, and parents. 
by Shawn Post
on 7/5/2019
from Miami, Florida
As Good As It Gets: Pathways to Success for Children with ADHD!
As an Education professor and a licensed school psychologist, I was so impressed with the authors' strategic methods for raising a child diagnosed with ADHD.  The text speaks to parents, teachers and professionals by emphasizing that if you don't try something different, there will be no substantial change for the better. Empowering techniques to deal with topics such as promoting emotional stability and equilibrium in children diagnosed with ADHD through improving the habits which lead to sound decision-making are but a few of the many techniques discussed in Forgan and Richey's book. This comprehensive text includes the assessments and resources needed for parents to become proactive in dealing with their children through identifying the strengths and talents essential to empowering their sons and daughters and leading them to pathways for their success.
by Ellen Ashwell
on 5/5/2019
from Huddleston, VA
The ADHD Empowerment Guide
The ADHD Empowerment Guide contains innumerable tips and strategies for coping with the many challenges of ADHD.  The strategies are practical and doable, making this book a valuable handbook for parents.  It is plain-spoken, relating to the reader in everyday, understandable language rather than educational jargon. 
	The authors stress the importance of recognizing and fostering the child’s strengths rather than focusing solely on deficit areas.  To me, this seems like a very compassionate approach.  After all, none of us want to be most known for what we can’t do well.  
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Review by: Joanne Bell, MiddleWeb - June 20, 2019
The ADHD Empowerment Guide is a fabulous find for anyone who deals with children or teens with ADHD, but I can think of many more students that these ideas would help outside the ADHD diagnosis. I love this more positive approach!
Review by: Lewie Dunn, Georgia Military College - April 20, 2019
The ADHD Empowerment Guide is truly worth the time to read by not only parents, but educators, administrators and health care professionals as well. The work is laid out to give the reader not only information on ADHD but how to go farther in helping a child with ADHD and help to unlock all they can be. Then using the authors "Keys" help to unlock their successes. The work is filled with resources and references to assist the reader to seek out information and get a better understanding of what is going on in the child's mind and how to make the best of the situation on a day to day basis.

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