Authors: Emily Mofield, Ed.D., Megan Parker Peters, Ph.D.
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ISBN: 9781618218209
Pages: 246
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How can we help students develop resilience to persevere in the face of setbacks? How can we ignite a drive that will inspire them to sustain effort even through difficulty? This book equips teachers to deliberately cultivate psychosocial skills, including self-awareness, problem solving to deal with setbacks, assertive interpersonal skills, and intellectual risk-taking. By teaching students to be aware of how their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors affect their pursuit of excellence, students can learn to tackle challenges and setbacks that they might experience as they reach to achieve. Lessons include engaging activities and curriculum connections, covering topics related to perfectionism, mindset, grit, stress, procrastination, social-emotional intelligence, and more.

Grades 4–8

Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented 2019 Legacy Book Award Winner - Curriculum

Webinar on Social-Emotional Skills

Teaching Tenacity and Other Social-Emotional Skills from Prufrock Press on Vimeo.


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by Dr. Vicki Phelps
on 2/1/2019
from Tennessee
A Must-Have Resource!
This book has become my number one resource when working with gifted students’ social-emotional learning. As the lead consulting teacher for gifted education in my county, I have seen monumental success in implementing these lessons into both the general education and gifted education classrooms. The research-based lessons are very easy to follow, and the activities lead students to gain greater insights about themselves and the world in which they live. These are the types of lessons that are life-changing for students as they begin to develop the needed skills, mindsets, and actions needed to help them overcome the inevitable obstacles and setbacks that happen in life. The discussions and insights shared throughout the implementation of these lessons are astounding and continue to help students learn  how to become lifelong learners both in and outside of school.
by Paula Kiggins
on 12/3/2018
from TN
Excellent Resource for Gifted Teachers
As a County Gifted Coordinator, I am always searching for excellent resources to share with my gifted teachers as they attempt to deliver advanced middle school curriculum to match student's intellectual needs with challenging and personal lessons. Having several new teachers to gifted curriculum, this book has amazing, easy to follow lessons to help connect teachers with students in the affective realm while meeting social/emotional needs. The author has expertly developed not only lessons to teach higher order thinking skills through questioning and reflection, but has also helped to take the guesswork out of meeting state standards with enriching lessons while encouraging students to pursue excellence. I have taught gifted students for over 25 years and I believe we desperately need to make those personal connections with students and develop those affective characteristics to aid in the student's future success as we teach resilience. I would highly recommend this book.
by Karah Lewis
on 11/5/2018
from Nashville TN
Outstanding Social/Emotional unit
I am currently using lessons from this book with my middle school Gifted/Talented students. The lessons we have done have been thoroughly planned and were all easy to implement. Also, each lesson is laid out in a way that checks all of the boxes for my state educator evaluations. This takes the guesswork (and time) out of developing reflections, deep questions, and exit tickets. The lessons have been of great interest to my students, and the topics we've discussed are brought up by the students again each week. This shows a great impact in their social/emotional learning. I also love that before each lesson, the authors give a little insight into why the skill or topic is important for our students. Understanding our students is extremely important for educators if we hope to foster social/emotional health as we teach. So far, I have been very impressed with this teaching resource, and I know I will be using it for many years to come.
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Review by: Jenny Randall, MiddleWeb - April 25, 2019
Teaching Tenacity is not a magic pill that will instantly motivate our students to strive for academic excellence. Instead it is a series of thoughtful, research-based lessons that will provide our middle grades students with the tools to make the pursuit of excellence a life-long endeavor. I looked forward to bringing the lessons from Teaching Tenacity to our morning advisory time.

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