Author: Stephen S. Young, Ed.D.
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ISBN: 9781593631550
Pages: 232
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Get the minds of bright kids jump-started with these exciting, motivational Super Smart brain challenges. Put the minds of smart kids in overdrive! Filled with 180 "activity-a-day" classroom warm-ups, including new, challenging vocabulary activities and critical thinking activities that push the limits, Super Smart will pique students' curiosity and tickle their funny bone.

This unique book, designed to challenge the brightest kids, offers teachers and parents a fun collection of activities—logic puzzles, riddles, optical illusions, math mysteries, and thought provokers.

These short, attention-getting mind stretchers serve to grab students' attention and create a frame of mind and an atmosphere of fun, curiosity, and discovery conducive to getting kids off to a good start. There are three hooks for each day: a vocabulary word, a thought for the day, and a critical thinking hook, each designed to get students thinking and into a receptive mindset.

Grades 4–10


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by Cindy
on 6/4/2014
from Kentucky
This homeschool mom loves Super Smart!
Gifted or not, all kids can benefit from activities to jump-start their thinkers at the beginning of the school day.  

My children and I enjoy sitting around the kitchen table each morning with the Super Smart book.  It's geared mostly toward my older two, but the little guy enjoys taking a stab at the brain challenges, too.

Each Super Smart lesson begins with a vocabulary word of the day.  It's used in a sentence and derivatives are supplied to help you determine the correct definition. A thought-provoking quote follows which has led to many interesting discussions and interpretations around the kitchen table. And the lesson ends with a critical thinking activity.  

The lessons only take us 5-10 minutes a day and we rarely have to even pull out paper and pencils. By the end, our brains are revved up and ready to go for the day!
by Amy Stults
on 11/3/2013
from Ohio
My 11 year old gifted son loves this book.
Super Smart is a book that I highly recommend for both homeschoolers and classroom teachers as a way to incorporate daily vocabulary and critical thinking.  Each lesson consists of:

1. a word of the day: I am thrilled that the vocabulary words in this book are not the stale, fluffy words that you see on a lot of modern spelling quiz lists. A list of derivatives is also included each day.

2. a thought of the day: each thought is a quote from a well-known person, designed to encourage introspection and discussion. 

3. a hook of the day: some sort of short critical thinking activity. These include puzzles, riddles, word games, mathematical word problems, and more. 

You do need to know that this book is more of a teacher's manual. You cannot just hand it to your child or student, because the answers are written right on each page. Use of a white board is perfect for this book.
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Review: Midwest Book Review - February 1, 2006
Organized on a day-by-day basis, each page full of entries for mind-stretching are designed to quickly get students into a contemplative mindset. Ideal for schoolteachers, homeschoolers, and parents or babysitters interested in sharing a moment of brain-stimulating activity, Super Smart is a wonderful educational supplement.

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