Summer Reading for Gifted Students
Summer Reading for Gifted Students
PUBLISHED: Friday, June 01, 2012

With the arrival of summer, reading season is on the horizon. As it true for many students of all ages, from those in secondary school to graduate school, summer permits us to devote time to reading those books that had to be put off because of various academic, extracurricular or miscellaneous obligations. Choosing which books to prioritize can in and of itself can be a time-consuming task due to all that is out there. The following are a few websites that give useful suggestions for setting and reaching summer reading goals:

Hogie’s Gifted Education has a reading list that is broken down by genre and subject, and also provides links for other categories of books, such as the top banned books of the 20th century.

For younger students who might want a bit of structure to their summer reading regimen, Barnes and Noble puts on a summer reading program. After reading 8 books and completing an associated journal, students can take home a book of their choice from the list for free.

For older students wanting to have read a well-rounded series of books in preparation for college, the following list was complied by humanities organization EDSITEment. In addition to providing a list broken down by category, links for associated online lessons relating to each book are also included. 

There are a lot of resources available to help students define and achieve their summer reading goals. My advice: start early, keep a personal list of books you would like to read eventually, and add a quick summary of each book to this list as you complete them. In my experience, even with the increased free time in summer, there won’t be enough time to finish every book in which you are interested, but maintaining a personal list that you can always modify and to which you can add will come in handy for years to come, and taking a few minutes to jot down some notes after you have finished a piece will help you remember it longer, allowing the storylines and characters with which you have become so familiar stay that way. Happy reading!