Summer Reading for Gifted Students With Curious Minds
Summer Reading for Gifted Students With Curious Minds
PUBLISHED: Tuesday, July 09, 2019 by Andilynn Feddeler

As summer marches on and kids run out of things to do, parents can always turn to the power of books to keep curiosity alive. These children’s nonfiction titles, perfect for ages 9–12, have consistently captivated young minds and sparked interest in bored students, while also instilling valuable (and entertaining) lessons. Whether a kid is interested in dinosaurs or space, there is something for everyone! Check out Prufrock’s Kids and YA Nonfiction section for even more great reads.

  • Dinosaur Dictionary for KidsPacked with hundreds of illustrated definitions about dinosaurs and the world in which they lived, this book is certain to spark any kid's enthusiasm for the age of dinosaurs. 

  • Awesome Space Tech. We live in a complicated cosmos, but this book breaks down the complex, the confusing, and the downright kooky to reveal the fascinating details and hidden wonders that are out of this world. 

  • The Things That Make You Go Yuck! series. Whether it’s nature’s slimiest organisms or the weirdest mutations, this series celebrates survival of the fittest, grossest, craziest, and creepiest things in nature, proving once and for all that life in the wild is anything but ordinary. 

  • The Twisted True Tales From Science series. Kids will learn about disaster discoveries, explosive experiments, insane inventors, and medical mayhem with this series of twisted, but true, tales from science. Curious kids will uncover some of the craziest, most daring adventures in scientific history, all while learning about the scientific process of discovery. 

  • Nothing You Can’t Do! By discovering the secrets included in this illustrated, funny, and interactive book, students will learn how to develop a growth mindset, where they look at life through a more optimistic lens, learn how to handle mistakes in a positive way, and find all of the possibilities in themselves!

  • The Top Secret Files series. Learn the true stories behind the American Revolution, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, and the Cold War in these deep dives into history. Kids can also explore pirates and buried treasure, gangsters and bootleggers, and the wild west on their hunt for spies, secret missions, and hidden facts.