Authors: Mary Anne Richey, James W. Forgan, Ph.D.
Product Code: 6199
ISBN: 9781618216199
Pages: 160
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Stressed Out!: Solutions to Help Your Child Manage and Overcome Stress is an easy-to-read guide for parents to help their children understand stress, its effects on kids’ day-to-day lives, and how to handle it. The book suggests stress management solutions that can be implemented by even the busiest parents and kids, focusing on a variety of common stressful situations that are grouped according to three categories—school, family, or environmental. Strategies include sample dialogues parents can use in conversation with their child and activities to help children gain insight and understanding into the nature of their stress, such as worksheets, role-play scenarios, or children’s stories. Designed for maximum accessibility, parents and their children can immediately apply and reinforce the solutions. Inherent in each chapter is the underlying understanding that stress in children is very individual and solutions need to be individualized to fit the circumstances and personality of each child.

2018 NAGC Book of the Year Award Winner


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by Kay Carnes
on 7/8/2017
from Florida
A Practical Parenting Manual
Not only do I recommend this book to other professionals who work with children and parents who have children who struggle with stress, but I also recommend it to all parents and especially young adults who are starting their parenting journey.  This book will empower parents to teach their children practical strategies and skill sets for varied situations which impact family life.  I find this book to be a perfect parenting manual to assure a nurturing home environment by providing materials on each topic such as age appropriate activities and books to be read by the children and additional research based resources for parents.  As parents it is our role to be the best example that we can be to our children!
by Rachel S.
on 5/17/2017
from Newark, DE
Informative and Engaging Resource for Parents and Professionals Alike
As a school psychologist working in a public elementary school, this book will be a valuable recourse to recommend to parents as well as a practical tool to use in working with children dealing with stress. The readily applicable activities, conversation starters, and thinking points to use with children experiencing difficulty with stress would help parents and practitioners alike identify and appropriately respond to these issues. There are several activities I already plan to use in my school with individual students or counseling groups focusing on feelings, stress, or anxiety. Additionally, I found the included list of children’s books focusing on a variety of stressors, such as perfectionism, going the dentist, and independent sleeping, to be especially informative when thinking about specific students with these difficulties. 

I would recommend this book to school psychologists, therapeutic practitioners, parents, family members, or teachers of children experiencing stress!
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Review by: Kathleen Ulrich, Children's Literature - June 1, 2017
There is a wealth of resources available for parents; pages of sources are listed by the kind of stress, such as a new baby in the family, school, terminal illness, death in the family, fear of going to the dentist and fear of monsters. This is must have for any to be aware and to be prepared for the types of stress facing children.
Review by: Elaine Wiener, Gifted Education Communicator - May 1, 2017
Mary Ann Richey and James W. Forgan, Ph.D have made this book so easy to read. Each chapter has a box with a Key Point and a Thinking Point. They provide colored paragraphs with examples of real life stories. There are tables, books, games, and activities. It is all so brief yet full of important information. You can even carry it around to use whenever a question pops into your mind.

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