Social and Emotional Curriculum for Gifted Students Resources

Mark Hess

The Social and Emotional Curriculum for Gifted Students series provides the gifted resource specialist, regular classroom teacher, or counselor with the tools they need to help gifted students in grades 3–5 develop interpersonal skills, reflect on their often intense emotions, and express their creativity. Each book contains five units and more than 50 hours of instruction, along with helpful directions for implementing lessons and connecting content across the curriculum. In addition to addressing psychosocial skills, lessons feature critical thinking activities, hands-on building and design, reading, writing, creativity, and math and science connections. Each classroom-tested lesson addresses one or more affective standards from the National Association for Gifted Children, psychosocial development areas for gifted learners, and academic standards. Relevant topics include resilience, growth mindset, perfectionism, empathy, self-understanding and identity, friendship, and what it means to be gifted.

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