Science Sleuths Posters

Howard Schindler and Dennis J. Mucenski, Authors

Building on the growing public interest in forensics, the three cases featured in Science Sleuths: Solving Mysteries Using Scientific Inquiry merge science and literacy, requiring students to be critical and active readers as they conduct their investigation. Beginning with an evaluation of the crime scene photos, the student investigators will analyze lab reports, phone messages, and interviews to extract key information. Students will sort through the evidence to formulate their initial hypothesis (being alert to red herrings) as they work to identify the person responsible for each crime. Students are given additional sets of information as they make their way through the case, requiring them to reformulate their initial hypothesis until they arrive at a final conclusion. The students' final write-up consists of a chart explaining the means, motive, and opportunity for each of the suspects, in addition to a thorough analysis of the evidence and a recreation of the case. Eventually, students are able to determine which suspect should be charged with the crime!

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