Research and Rhetoric: Language Arts Units for Gifted Students in Grade 5

Tracy C. Misset, Ph.D., Amy Price Azano, Ph.D., and Carolyn M. Callahan, Ph.D., Authors

The CLEAR curriculum, developed by the University of Virginia's National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented, is an evidence-based teaching model that emphasizes Challenge Leading to Engagement, Achievement, and Results. In Research and Rhetoric: Language Arts Units for Gifted Students in Grade 5, students will engage in a systematic study of rhetoric as contemplated by the Greek philosopher Aristotle. Students will answer the question: When do you appeal to one’s intellect, to emotions, or perhaps to one’s sense of morality when trying to persuade? In the research unit, students will learn and employ advanced research skills from crafting open-ended research questions and discerning between reliable sources. They will carry out their own research study and present findings at a research gala. These units focus on critical literacy skills including reading diverse texts, understanding a speaker's or author's perspective, and understanding an audience's perspective.
This webpage includes links to the online resources for these units—Unit 1: Exploration and Communication and Unit 2: Aristotle's Rhetoric. If you have any issues accessing the links, please contact us at editorial at with information about the links that are affected.

Unit 1: Exploration and Communication: A Researcher's Journey

Preparing to Teach the Unit
Who Really Discovered America? Resources

Lesson 5

Lesson 7

Lesson 9

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Unit 2: Aristotle's Rhetoric: Learning the Art of Persusasion

Lesson 1

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 6

Lesson 7

Lesson 8

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