Authors: Elizabeth Guy, Hank Kellner
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Now more than ever, we must take advantage of students’ increasing fascination with graphic images as opposed to written words. Reflect and Write capitalizes on this situation by marrying dynamic images to original poems written by students at the junior and senior high school levels, teachers, and other writers nationwide. Additionally, each page contains keywords, as well as popular quotations by well-known authors, designed to inspire critical thinking. Taken together, the more than 300 poems, photographs, and quotations will help stimulate spirited class discussion and provide prompts that will evoke meaningful writing by students. Like Kellner’s previous best-selling book, Write What You See, Reflect and Write will encourage students to read, relate to, and respond to modern verse and inspiring photographs both verbally and in writing. The book includes online access to the photographs and student pages.

Grades 7–12


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by Autumn
on 9/17/2013
from PA
Reflect and Write
This book is a nice resource. It is great to use for writing prompts. I used this book with some advanced level students over the summer and they did say they wished the pictures in the book would be in color and that maybe some classic poems would be put in the book next to a modren one that is simular as a comparisson they thought that would be cool. Other than that there were no other qualms seen with the book. They also said they did like the poems that were in the book. 

I thought it was well organized and liked the poems that were included in this book. I think they really bring out my students creative thought prosesses. The pictures, I think too are great and are really nice to be included in the book as well as on the CD. This book is a great resource for any classroom and the photos and poems included in it really make your students want to write, which is great because sometimes that is a problem in the classroom
by Rick Herrick
on 3/18/2013
from Oak Bluffs Massachusetts
Reflect and Write
This book is a valuable collection of poems and photos that’s intended to inspire writing in the classroom. Additionally, I found the inclusion of  “inspiration” prompts, “challenge” prompts, a listing of Internet resources, a section that presents a dozen ways to inspire students, and a section that presents themes to explore to be very helpful. It was refreshing to discover that Reflect and Write includes many poems that were written by students and their teachers. The inclusion of a CD containing all of the photos is a bonus. I do have one minor criticism. Although the black and white photographs are excellent and thought provoking, I would prefer to view them in color. That said, I think this book is an excellent resource not only for teachers of English, but also workshop leaders and others who want to inspire writing.
by Mary Lavers
on 2/19/2013
from Canada
A good tool to have for writing prompts
My partner Mike, who teaches middle school English, said that he often finds poetry a difficult subject to teach, so he likes to have a variety of resources available. He esp. likes that he could pull this book off the shelf and have hundreds of poetry lesson prompts at his fingertips.

It has been a while since I taught poetry, but when I did I often made use of art, photography and quotations to act as writing prompts. So I appreciate the compilation of poetry, photography, quotations and questions in this book.

The photos are well-chosen, helping to elucidate the themes of the accompanying poem and spark students’ imaginations. I particularly like the quotations from famous people on each page because they often offer a wryly dissenting opinion from the poem.

I wish there had been brief author bios for each of the contributors. There was no info about the poets other than whether they were students or not. 2nd edition maybe?

(My full review can be found on CozyLittleBookJournal)
by Lisa E
on 2/19/2013
from Florida
Reflect and Write
This book is one of the best I’ve ever used in my classroom. Students always respond positively to the poems, photos, and prompts. I like the suggested activities and the way many of the poems are grouped by theme. I’ve also found the lists of  Internet sources of interest to both teachers and students to be extremely useful. I highly recommend this book as a tool for triggering student writing.
by Suzanne N.
on 2/10/2013
from Gainesville, FL
Excelllent teaching tool
One of the most interesting things about Reflect and Write is that both students and teachers in grades 7-12 created many of the poems and photos contained in the work. But there’s much more to this fine collection than just the words and images. Each photo-poem combination presents either inspiration or challenge prompts; a significant quotation; and keywords designed to inspire writing. The book also lists thirteen themes to explore, as well as twenty Internet resources for both students and teachers.  I love the accompanying CD that contains all of the photos in the book. I wish I'd had this when I was homeschooling. Reflect and Write belongs on every English teacher’s desk
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Review by: Sherrie Williams, VOYA - April 1, 2013
This is a valuable resource for teachers seeking to integrate writing into middle and high school classrooms.
Review by: Alicia Eames, School Library Journal - March 27, 2013
A list of “12 Ways to Inspire Your Students” proposes teaching suggestions, how-tos for using these (or any other) selections to motivate student participation in and enthusiasm for comparing and contrasting, exploring points of view, scaffolding individual and group writing, and appreciating poetic techniques. As an added bonus, the authors recommend “10 Websites to Help Teachers in the Classroom” where educators will find full-text poems, lesson plan ideas, and online teaching communities along with “10 Websites to Help Students Get Published” that lead to writing advice and publishing opportunities in print and online journals.

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