Authors: James W. Forgan, Ph.D., Mary Anne Richey
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ISBN: 9781593638627
Pages: 264
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Written by two professionals who have "been there and done that" with their own sons with ADHD, Raising Boys With ADHD empowers parents to help their sons with ADHD find success in school and beyond. The book covers topics not often found in other parenting guides such as the preschool years and early diagnosis and strategies for teens transitioning to work and college. Filled with practical knowledge, resources, and tools needed to help parents address the many strengths and challenges of boys with ADHD, this book provides parents with encouragement and hope for the future.


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by Ellen Ashwell
on 5/3/2012
from Huddleston, VA
Raising Boys with ADHD: Secrets for Parenting Healthy, Happy Sons
Raising Boys with ADHD is infinitely parent friendly.  The authors demystify ADHD, using plain language and examples from real life. This book goes beyond mere explanations, in that it offers doable action plans.  I can imagine parents viewing Raising Boys with ADHD as an essential handbook as they search for understanding and assistance with their sons from babyhood to the teenage years. 
by Nancy Deleon
on 3/4/2012
from North Palm Beach,Fl.
Raising boys with ADHD
As a mother of two ADHD sons and a family counselor I welcome this concise and to the point handbook.It is full of clear explanations about ADHD and its treatment. It has wonderful ideas for dealing with ADHD boys at every age. This book is informative, interesting,and very positive. I highly recommend it to parents and professional.  I wish I had had this book when I was raising my children.
by Matt Koceich
on 3/2/2012
from Texas
A Priceless Guide
So much more than an invaluable resource, Raising Boys With ADHD is a profound work of hope which includes more than thirty realistic action steps relevant for both parents as well as educators. The authors weave honest personal experience with professional insight and strategies to make Raising Boys With ADHA a must read. 
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Review by: Hilary Levey Friedman, Ph.D. - May 1, 2012
Books like this help parents by providing concrete, practical advice on raising children, especially those who may have particular needs.
Review: Publishers Weekly - March 19, 2012
The book is informational and action-oriented: terms are explained, and current research and treatment options are explored in language that parents can understand, use with their sons, and disseminate to others.
Review by: Sam Goldstein, Editor-In-Chief, Journal of Attention Disorders - December 19, 2011
Raising Boys with ADHD is a reasoned and reasonable, practical and inspirational guide for parents focused on preparing boys with ADHD to transition successfully into a happy, functional and emotionally healthy adult life. Forgan and Richey are experienced clinicians, deftly blending their knowledge of science and experience to create a practical, readable and useful guide for parents of boys with ADHD. This volume will be on my short list of books I recommend to parents of children with ADHD.
Review by: Richard Lavoie, The F.A.T. City Workshop - December 19, 2011
I know a lot about boys with ADHD. I have worked with hundreds of them, we raised one, and I was one. I found Raising Boys With ADHD to be filled with insights, information and information that would be extraordinarily useful for parents who are facing the daunting—but rewarding—job of guiding a child with ADHD through the shoals of boyhood.

The book offers practical advice and up-to-date information on this puzzling disorder. Beyond merely defining the problems, the authors provide solutions and strategies. This book will go a long way in enhancing your knowledge and parenting techniques. Read this book. Keep it close by. Refer to it. Reread it. Its contents will help you to better understand the needs of your "unhappy wanderer."

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